TCSS143 Programming Assignment 2


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The purpose of this programming project is to demonstrate understanding and use of 2D Arrays, File
Input/Output (I/O), try/catch blocks, and the basic concept of exceptions.
This program will perform a basic multiplication of two matrices. The rules for matrix addition, subtraction, and
mulitplication are clearly described at:
(Algebra Lab website of Mainland High school. Mulitiplication is found about 2/3 down the page below the
topic of scalar multiplication. Also, there is a plethora of websites that describe the process)
Your program will read data from an input file (in2.txt) into the 2 arrays to be multiplied, multiply the 2 arrays
and assign the results to a 3rd array, and then display the contents of all 3 arrays in an output file (out2.txt).
Each input array set of numbers will be preceded by 2 integers; the first for the row dimension and the second
for the column dimension as illustrated below (all data will be integers):
3 4
2 4 1 7
-1 0 -2 2
3 -4 5 3
4 5
3 5 -9 12 -10
-3 2 15 -4 0
1 0 -7 1 2
5 3 7 -2 15
The first array is a 3×4 and the second is a 4×5. Based on the rules of matrix multiplication, the resulting array
will be a 3×5 array:
30 39 84 -5 87
5 1 37 -18 36
41 16 -101 51 25
You may assume the input data is valid and the 2 arrays meet the requirements of matrix mulitplication.
Your main method will open the files for I/O, create and populate the 2 arrays with the data from the input file
(in2.txt), generate a multiplication result array and produce clear, meaningful output (out2.txt) to display:
 the 2 arrays on which the mulitplication is being performed
 the multiplication result array
You should name your class Assign_2 (file name will be You should also create at least
3 methods:
 one that is passed the input file Scanner and returns a 2D array.
 one that multiplies the 2 input arrays and returns a 2D array result.
 one that displays the arrays to an output file.
You should NOT use throws FileNotFoundException but instead open your files with try/catch blocks as
// Documentation, imports, class header, etc. goes here.
public static void main(String[] theArgs) {
Scanner input = null;
PrintStream output = null;
String inFileName = “in2.txt”;
String outFileName = “out.txt”;
boolean filesOk = false; // Indicates if the files are accessable.
try {
input = new Scanner(new File(inFileName));
output = new PrintStream(new File(outFileName));
filesOk = true;
catch (FileNotFoundException e) {
System.out.println(“Can’t open file – ” + e);
if (filesOk) {
… // in this block is where the rest of the processing should
// occur.
} // End of main.
Upload on Canvas by the due date/time.
Several sample output file results based on various input files are listed:
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