TCSS143 Programming Assignment 1


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The purpose of this programming project is to demonstrate understanding of methods (calling, parameters, and
return values), the for loop, primitive data types, standardized documentation, and basic java program
Write a program that prompts the user to enter the population values of 5 towns. After the 5 populations have
been entered, the program should display a horizontal bar graph comparing each population. The bars in the
graph should be made of asterisks “*” where each asterisk equals 1,000 people. An example interaction is as
follows (bold print is what the user enters):
Enter the population of town 1: 12549 [Enter]
Enter the population of town 2: 3578 [Enter]
Enter the population of town 3: 5023 [Enter]
Enter the population of town 4: 1732 [Enter]
Enter the population of town 5: 10522 [Enter]
Town 1: ************
Town 2: ***
Town 3: *****
Town 4: *
Town 5: **********
Name your class Assign_1 (Save as
You are required to follow the rules for correct documentation usage and identifier names as described in the
“Documentation Requirements.pdf” file posted on the Canvas website for 143.
You are required to create and use at least 2 methods: getPopulation & drawPopulationBar
getPopulation should receive an integer used to represent or identify the town on which a population is to be
entered and a scanner to It should prompt the user for this town and return the integer value the
user enters. As an example, one of the calls to this method might be:
town2Population = getPopulation(2, console); // Enter the population of town 2: 3578 [Enter]
drawPopulationBar should be passed both the integer representing the town and its population value. It
should display the town number and the bar of asterisks based on the population value as seen above. As an
example, one of the calls to this method might be:
drawPopulationBar(3, town3Population); // Output would be: Town 3: *****
Without the use of arrays, you will have at very least 5 variables for the 5 populations, 5 separate calls to
getPopulation and 5 separate calls to drawPopulationBar. If you choose to solve this using an array, your
reward will be much less effort in typing and let’s throw in 1% added to your score if your code reflects
only one line for each method call.