TCES 202 Advanced Programming Statistical Package Project Phase – III


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In this phase, we will complete the project by implementing the compute and report functionalities. We
will implement a menu like in the previous phase and provide the capability to compute statistics and
report the statistics. Please run the exe files to understand the behavior and examine the output files.
To compute mean, median, variance and standard deviation, please use the reference site at We will use the formulae for Population data
instead of Sample data. To compute median, the data values must be sorted. We will go over the qsort
function that you can use for this referenced at
We will complete the functionality for the Compute and Report Sub-menus by modifying the
statpac.c and add the needed functionality in the header files.
StatPac – Statistical Package
Routines for capturing and storing data, computing statistics, and generating
Main Menu Sub-menus
Update all
Compute mean
Compute median
Compute variance
Compute standard deviation
Display statistics
Files and Functions
Below is the list of .c files that will be created along with the major functions that will be built
into those files.
compute_menu() prints a menu of computing options
compute_update() allows the user to update the computations of all
compute_mean() computes the mean value only – displays it and inserts
it into the header record
compute_median() same for the median – if the file is not sorted, will
sort an internal array of data
compute_variance() same for variance if mean is updated
compute_stdev() same for std. dev if mean and variance are updated.
report_menu() prints report submenu
report_display() shows statistics report on the screen
Submit your Phase III deliverables as a zip file on Canvas. Each file must have
your names and the appropriate documentation in the header and for each
function. Use the starter code provided for the header files. You must comply
with the naming conventions provided. Please don’t submit only .h and .c files.