TCES 202 Advanced Programming Statistical Package Project Phase – II


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In this phase, we will add to the project by implementing the edit functionality. We will implement
a menu like in the previous phase and provide the capability to add, edit and delete data. Run the
executable to understand the behavior. Please use the latest starter code provided for Phase-II.
We will complete the functionality for the Edit Sub-menu by modifying the statpac.c and add the
needed functionality in the header files.
StatPac – Statistical Package
Routines for capturing and storing data, computing statistics, and generating
Main Menu Sub-menus
Create new data file
Open an existing file
Rename file
Copy file to…
Print file contents
Delete file
Add data
Edit item
Delete item
Files and Functions
Below is the list of .c files that will be created along with the major functions that will be built
into those files.
edit_menu() prints the submenu for the edit functions
edit_add() allows a user to add additional data records to an existing
edit_edit() allows a user to edit an existing data record
edit_delete() allows a user to delete an existing data record
Submit your Phase II deliverables as a zip file on Canvas. Each file must have
your names and the appropriate documentation in the header and for each
function. Use the starter code provided for the header files. You must comply
with the naming conventions provided. Please don’t submit only .h and .c files.