Project #6 CpSc 8270: Language Translation Python Parameters & Recursion


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1. Your solution must be able to translate those constructs from the previous project.
2. In addition, for this project, your solution must be able to translate Python parameters including actual
parameters and formal parameters.
3. Also, your solution must implement recursion.
4. In all cases, the oracle for correctness is a Python 2.7 interpreter; your expressions should evaluate to
the same value as a Python 2.7 interpreter, but not the same format. So, 5 is the same as 5.0; True is
the same as 1, False is the same as 0. Also, while your scope resolution should accept those programs
that Python 2.7 accepts, your scope resolution is not required to reject some Python functions that
Python 2.7 rejects (as discussed in class).
5. In the directory that contains your working interpreter, place a new directory titled cases that contains
test cases that adequately test your interpreter.
6. Write a test harness,, and place it in your project folder so that it runs the test cases in cases.
7. Your code should be well organized, formatted, readable, leak and warning free, and exploit object