CSCI 467-1 Assignment #3


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For this assignment, you may work alone or in a group of two students. You may continue to
work in the same group for the remaining assignments in this course. Both members of the
group must submit the assignment on Blackboard. Make sure to include all members’ names
inside the document when submitting your work.
You will create low-fidelity (hand-sketches) user interface designs for input screens and an
output report for the GEM System. Please use the provide template as the screen size to sketch
your user interface designs.
Review the requirements given in Assignment #2 and your class diagram for the GEM system
and develop low-fidelity (hand-sketches) of user interface designs for the following use cases.
Again, please use the provided template as the screen size for your designs.
When you are done, scan all of your designs and save in a .pdf file. Remember to include your
last name as part of the file name. Submit your hand-sketched design papers at the beginning of
class and submit the .pdf file on Blackboard by the due and time.
Part 1. Low-Fidelity Input Screen Designs (20 points each; 80 points)
Choose two use cases from 1 though 5 and hand-sketch the user interface screen designs for
your selection and for the two required use cases 6 and 7 below. Keep in mind that you are
designing for the primary actors of the use cases.
1. Create New Artist
2. Create New Band
3. Create New Agent
4. Create New Location
5. Create New Vendor
6. Create New Event (required)
7. Approve Event (required)
Part 2. Low-Fidelity Report Designs (20 points each; 40 points total)
Hand-sketch user interface designs of both of the following use cases for the associated primary
1. Generate Event Status Report (for screen)
2. Produce Event Status Report (for screen and file to save and to print)