CSCI 467-1 Assignment #6 Use Case Specifications 


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For this last assignment, you may work in the same group as you did for assignments 4 and 5.
Part 1. (50 points) Develop a use case model for only the CREAT NEW EVENT and APPROVE EVENT
use cases of the GEM System.
The GEM system must allow authorized event staff to create a new event. Each event will have a
band or artist(s), the complete location (street, city, state, zip code) of the event, the date, starttime, status and seating capacity. The event status tells us when the event has been created,
approved, advertised, sold out (reached maximum capacity), cancelled or completed. The even
staff must also be able to record special notes for an event. Also, for each event, we assign an
event manager (employee of Global Entertainment Inc.), who approves the event and is
responsible for running the show. After a new event is created, the GEM assigns a unique event
id for the newly created event and sets the event status to “Created” and notifies the assigned
The GEM system must allow the authorized event manager to view and approve an event that
had been assigned to him/her. Once approved, the GEM system sets the event status to
“Approved” and records the approval date and time. The GEM system also notifies all event staff
and the Super Tickets system that the event has been approved.
Part 2. (50 points) Use the following use case spec template to write complete use case specifications
for the following use cases.
1. Create New Event
2. Approve Event
Use case Name:
Primary Actor(s):
Secondary Actors:
Main Flow:
Post Conditions:
Submit for Grading: By the due date/time, each student submits both parts of the assignment in .pdf
file(s) on Blackboard only. No need to submit a printed copy.