CSCI 1310 Introduction to Computer Programming Assignment 3




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Getting started
Your program should display a menu with the following selections:
1. Insert an item.
2. Search for an item.
3. Print the message board.
4. Quit.
Use the following C++ print and input statements for your menu:
cout << “1. Insert an item.” << endl;
cout << “2. Search for an item.” << endl;
cout << “3. Print the message board.” << endl;
cout << “4. Quit.”<< endl;
getline(myFile, choice);
Note: the getline() command assumes you have a variable called “choice” defined and
that it’s a string. This menu should be displayed after every transaction is complete
unless the user selects Quit. The user can select the option they want using the number
for the option. For example, to add an item, they type 1.
Item types
There are only five types of items: bike, microwave, dresser, truck and chicken. When
you prompt the user, your prompt needs to include the exact text shown here:
“Enter the item type-b,m,d,t,c:”
“Enter the item cost:”
The user types the first letter of the item type to indicate the type they want to add.
Data in the message board is stored as a 2D array. One dimension of the array is the
number of items in the message board and the other dimension is the parameters for
each item. Each item on the message board contains the type and the cost.
Assume you have an array called msgBoard and you want to store the following three
bike, $50
truck, $1000
microwave, $10
Your array would look like
msgBoard[0][0] = ‘b’;
msgBoard[0][1] = ‘50’;
msgBoard[1][0] = ‘t’;
msgBoard[1][1] = ‘1000’;
msgBoard[2][0] = ‘m’;
msgBoard[2][1] = ‘10’;
All values are stored as strings in this example.
Insert an item
If the user selects 1 to add an item, they should be prompted for the type of item to add
and the cost of the item. When an element is added to the message board array, it should
be added at the first available position. Don’t sort the data, we will be running test cases
with expected output for each input. Duplicates are also okay.
Search for an item
When the user selects 2 to find an item, they should be prompted with the item type, and
the maximum price they are willing to pay for the item. Your code should then search the
array and return the first item with the correct type and a cost that is less than or equal
to the price that the user will pay.
Use the following text in your prompts:
“Enter the item type-b,m,d,t,c:”
“Enter the maximum item cost:”
For example, if the user types b and 50, they want a bicycle and are willing to pay up to
$50 for it. Your program should find the first bicycle in the list that sells for $50 or less.
If a match is found, print “Sold for”
The type is one of the following: bike, microwave, dresser, truck, or chicken.
The cost is the actual item cost, not what the user is willing to pay.
The item should then be deleted from the array.
If the item is not found, print “Item not found”.
Note: if your values are stored as strings, they will need to be cast as integers to compare
price values. You will also need to convert the type values stored in the array to nice,
understandable values. For example, ‘b’ needs to be displayed as ‘bike’.
Print the message board
If the user selects Print the message board, your program should display the items in the
message board array in the following format:
If the user selects 4 for Quit, the program should exit the while loop that controls the
program, which will cause the program to exit.
Implementation details
There are a few requirements for your program that you need to meet to receive full
1. Your array needs to be big enough to store 20 items.
2. You need to have functions for inserting to the message board, searching the
message board, and printing the message board.
3. Your text you display in your menu and other outputs need to match the text
given in this document.
Breaking down the problem
This assignment is our first assignment this semester that is one large problem instead
of two or three small problems. If you’ve read the assignment write-up and you’re not
sure where to start, it can be helpful to think of the problem in stages and complete each
stage before moving on to the next stage. Here is a suggested approach for breaking
down this problem into smaller problems.
1. Build the main menu. Write the loop that asks for user input and test that your
menu recognizes the four user options to Insert, Search, Print, and Quit. In your
code, you can print which menu item is selected to test that you menu code is
working. Be sure to remove these print statements later once you’ve developed
the real code for the menu item.
2. Build the sub-menus. The Insert and Search menu items have sub-menus that are
displayed when the user selects that menu item. Build and test your sub-menus
using print statements to verify which sub-menu was selected. Again, make sure
you remove the print statements once you develop the real code for the
sub-menu item.
3. Initialize the array to hold the message board data. The list should be initialized
outside of your menu loop.
4. Build the code to add items to the array. This code needs to use the user inputs
for the type and cost of the item, and add them to the array in the appropriate
5. Build the code to find items in the array and delete them from the array if the
item is found. This code should be located under the find menu item and use the
inputs from the user.
6. Build the code to print the array that runs when the print menu option is selected.
7. If your main menu loop doesn’t already handle the Quit functionality, modify the
menu loop to quit the program when the user selects Quit.
8. Do a happy dance.
Submitting Your Code in Code Runner
Please also include comments in your code to describe what your code is doing.
For your convenience we have given the main function and the prototype of the
remaining functions. Code runner expects the entire program including the main
function and headers. So please fill the necessary code in the Function definitions and
copy the entire program with the main function and headers into the code runner.
Your TA will be giving instructions in the next recitation.
using namespace std;
//Function Prototypes
string convertItemCString(string itemType);
void printBoard(string carray[][2], int itemCount);
void printMenu();
int insertItem(string cArray[][2], string itemType, string cost, int itemCount);
int searchArray(string cArray[][2], string itemType, string cost, int itemCount);
bool isValid(string itemType);
int main(){
string cArray[20][2];
string choice = “1”;
int itemCount = 0;
char filename[10];
ifstream myFile;;
if (!myFile.is_open()){
cout<<“File failed to open”<<endl;
while(choice != “4”){
//display menu
string itemType;
string cost;
if(choice == “1”){
cout<<“Enter the item type-b,m,d,t,c:”<<endl;
cout<<“Not a valid item type.”<<endl;
cout<<“Enter the item type-b,m,d,t,c:”<<endl;
cout<<“Enter the item cost:”<<endl;
itemCount = insertItem(cArray, itemType, cost, itemCount);
}else if(choice == “2”){
cout<<“Enter the item type-b,m,d,t,c:”<<endl;
cout<<“Not a valid item type.”<<endl;
cout<<“Enter the item type-b,m,d,t,c:”<<endl;
cout<<“Enter the maximum item cost:”<<endl;
itemCount = searchArray(cArray, itemType, cost, itemCount);
}else if(choice == “3”){
printBoard(cArray, itemCount);
}else if(choice == “4”){
cout<<“Good bye”<<endl;
cout<<“Not a valid choice.”<<endl;
return 0;
//Function Definitions
string convertItemCString(string itemType){
//Your code goes here
//the item type is entered as a string of a single character. This function changes that to a complete name of item
void printBoard(string carray[][2], int itemCount){
//Your code goes here
//displays array contents
void printMenu(){
//Your code goes here
//prints menu
int insertItem(string cArray[][2], string itemType, string cost, int itemCount){
//Your code goes here
//populates the array and returns the sentinel (item count)
int searchArray(string cArray[][2], string itemType, string cost, int itemCount){
//Your code goes here
// returns item count, it searches for a match and if found, prints and deletes item from array
bool isValid(string itemType){
//Your code goes here
//it verifies if the itemType is valid, returns true if it is.
What to do if you have questions
There are several ways to get help on assignments in 1310, and depending on your
question, some sources are better than others. Piazza is a good place to post technical
questions, such as how to get user input, or treat that input as an integer. When you
answer other students’ questions on the forum, please do not post entire assignment
solution.. The TA and CA are also a good source of technical information. If, after reading
the assignment write-up, you need clarification on what you’re being asked to do in the
assignment, the course instructor is a good source of information.