CSCI 1310 Introduction to Computer Programming Assignment 5




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In this assignment, you will process a file of weather forecasting data for Boulder
and answer a few questions about the weather. There is a file on moodle called
boulderData that contains comma-delimited information about the weather forecast
for each day and the next three days.
The first day in the file is January 26, 2016 and the last day in the file is September
29, 2016. The format for each line in the file is as follows:
Day Forecast
Humidity Avg.
L:26 43 6 WNW 10 WNW 0.0
Day: The current day
Forecast day: The day that the forecast is for. In this example, the day and forecast
day are the same, which means it’s the forecast for 1-26-2016 on 1-26-2016. There
are other lines in the file that show the forecast for a future day. For example, if the
day were 1-26-2016 and forecast day were 1-27-2016, it would be the forecast for
1-27-2016 issued on 1-26-2016.
High temp: The forecasted high temp for the forecast day.
Low temp: The forecasted low temp for the forecast day.
Humidity: The forecasted humidity for the forecast day.
CSCI 1310 – Assignment 5 Due Friday, March 3, by 08:00 am
Avg. wind: The forecasted average wind speed for the forecasted day.
Avg. wind direction: The forecasted average wind direction for the forecasted day.
Max. wind: The forecasted maximum wind speed for the forecasted day.
Max. wind direct.: The forecasted direction for the maximum wind speed for the
forecasted day.
Precip.: The forecasted precipitation.
Assignment Details
For this assignment, you need to read in the data stored in the file and store it in an
array of structs of maximum 10 elements. Your struct should have the following
minimum set of attributes:
struct Forecast{
string day;
int highTemp;
int lowTemp;
int humidity;
int avgWind;
string avgWindDir;
int maxWind;
string maxWindDir;
double precip;
Store only the most current forecast for each day, this would be the lines in the file
where the Day and Forecast day are the same. Discard the other lines in the file by
not reading them into your array. Your array will need to store 245 days worth of
NOTE: If you’re planning to do the additional functions suggested below, After
submitting the assignment in moodle, modify your program to store all of the data
and add an additional parameter to your struct for forecast day.
Functions that need to be in your program
void populateArray(string filename,Forecast forecastData[]);
● Populates the array reading data from file called filename.
string lastDayItRained(Forecast forecastData[]);
● Returns the date of the last day it rained.
double totalRainfall(Forecast forecastData[]);
● Returns the sum of the precipitation in the data set.
CSCI 1310 – Assignment 5 Due Friday, March 3, by 08:00 am
int maxWindspeed(Forecast forecastData[]);
● Returns the index in the array where the maximum wind speed is
int maxRainfall(Forecast forecastData[]);
● Returns the index in the array where the maximum precipitation is
int maxTempDifference(Forecast forecastData[]);
● Returns the index in the array where with the maximum difference
between the high and low temperature.
Forecast forecastForDay(Forecast forecastData[], string day);
● Returns the forecast for a particular day in the array.
Functionality in main()
In your main() function, declare Forecast struct array and call the populateArray
function passing the filename and the struct array. Once you’re confident that the
array data is correct, call the other functions to analyze the data and print the
results. Your output should look like this:
Forecast statistics:
Last day it rained:
Total rainfall:
Maximum wind speed: mph on
Maximum rainfall: inches on
Maximum temperature difference: F on
Further your main function should prompt the user for a date and display the
forecast for that date. If the date is not found in the file, your program should print
“Date not found.”
cout<<”Enter a date:”;
getline(cin, date)
Forecast dayForecast = forecastForDay(forecastData, date);
Forecast for :
Avg. wind:
Avg. wind direction:
Max wind:
Max wind direction:
Precipitation: CSCI 1310 – Assignment 5 Due Friday, March 3, by 08:00 am
Additional practice problems:
If you are interested in additional problems for practice, here are a few more
functions you can work on. We won’t be grading them, but a little extra practice
never hurt anyone.
1. Determine the day of the year when the three-day forecast and the day-of
forecast showed the greatest difference for high temperature. If there are
ties, print all days with the greatest difference.
2. Determine how accurate the precipitation forecast is for one, two, and three
days from the current day.
3. Find the missing data point(s). There is at least one day of data missing from
the file. Write a function to find it.