CSc 115 Assignment 5 – Object-Orientation & Heaps


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Part 1 (Hardcopy Hand-in in Class): Due November 23, 2012
1. Draw a ‘MaxHeap’, called h, created by using the array: 12, 17, 3, 9, 2, 13, 7, 19.
2. Show what the heap would look like after each of the following pseudocode operations:
a) h.heapInsert(18)
b) h.heapInsert(16)
c) h.heapDelete()
d) Indicate and prove the Big-O running time of the heapInsert operation
e) Indicate and prove the Big-O running time of the heapDelete operation
Hand in: Write your answers on paper and hand in at the be class on Friday November 23,
Part 2 (Programming Milestone): Due November 24, 2012 before 3:30 pm
Files to be downloaded:,,,,
1. Examine the Shape, SimpleShape and Compound classes provided. They implement the
following class heirarchy:
Consider issues like the following: In the constructor of the ClosedShape class, a
complete copy of the x and y arrays are made. Why might the designer of this class have
done that?
2. Complete the setWidth() and setHeight()methods in the ClosedShape class.
Observation: Since these are all abstract classes, no object of type Shape, ClosedShape nor
OpenShape can be instantiated. (But feel free to try!)
This milestone is a formative exercise: It will not be graded but its completion will inform you and the instructor of your
progress through this assignment.
Part 3 (Class Heirarchy): Due November 30, 2012 before 3:30 pm
(End of Term Option: Can be submitted late until December 3 at 3:30, will lose 10%)
Using the specifications below add Triangle, Rectangle, Square, Oval, and Circle classes
below the ClosedShape class such that the heirarchy below is implemented. You will have
to write methods for the three abstract methods: Draw(), Area() and Perimeter().
Each of the non-abstract classes can now be instantiated. A very simple environmment to
draw objects of these classes has been provided in the files and There is no need to alter the file (but you can if you want). The
method paintComponent in must be altered to paint your objects.
1. The constructor for the Triangle class must have the following signature:
public Triangle(int x, int y, int base, int height)
You can assume that this represents an isosolese triangle with the unique side oriented
horizontally and the two equal sides up, where (x,y) is lower left point.
2. The constructor for the Rectangle class must have the following signature:
public Rectangle(int x, int y, int width, int height)
(x,y) is upper left corner
Triangle Rectangle Oval
Square Circle
House Tree Sun
3. The constructor for the Square class must have the following signature:
public Square(int x, int y, int length)
(x,y) is upper left corner.
4. The constructor for the Oval class must have the following signature:
public Oval(int x, int y, int width, int height)
(x,y) indicate the point at the centre of the oval and width and height specify a bounding
5. The constructor for the Circle class must have the following signature:
public Circle(int x, int y, int radius)
(x,y) indicate the point at the centre of the oval and radius specifies the radius of the
6. The constructor for the Line class must have the following method signature:
public Line(int x, int y, double angle, double length)
(x,y) indicate the leftmost point of the line; angle (in radians) indicates the angle the line
makes with a right pointing horizontal line that starts at (x,y); and length indicates the
length of the line.
Part 4:
1. Now create the following class heirarch for Compound shapes:
Observe that there is a has-a relationship between components of the House, Sun, and
Tree classes.
A Tree should be composed of a rectangle and an oval, as follows:
A house is composed of a triangle, two rectangles and two squares, as follows:
2. Using objects from the Compound class, draw an outdoor scene, similar to the one
(You can be creative here!)
Submitting your Solution:
 When complete submit All .java files that you used, modified, or created to complete this
assignment to the CSc 115 Connex Site using the Assignments: Assignment 5 Submission link
before 3:30 on Friday, November 30
 Any file that you modified or created must contain a comment at the top that includes your
name and student ID.
 If you adopted or adapted code from other sources, you must include an appropriate crediting
reference to the original author or source.
 Be sure to include any testers that you wrote.