COSC 326 Étude 2 Syllable slam


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How many syllables are there in a word? We all know the answer when we see a word,
but can we teach a computer to do that as well?
From stdin take a list of words, one per line. The output (to stdout) will just be a
list of integers, one per line, representing your program’s estimate of the number of
syllables of each word.
The main purpose of this étude is to get you working with your group – during the lab
on July 17 you should be able to discuss the problem, come up with some strategies for
solving it, and write a program to implement your chosen solution. There is no “right”
answer, but your solution will be compared to the other groups’ in the town hall on
July 20, so as a matter of pride I suggest that you not submit a program that says that
cow has 14 syllables, or that algorithmically has one.
This étude must be completed by July 19, 2017 and emailed to mark326 so that the
results can be discussed and compared in the town hall on July 20.
(1 point, Group)