WIX1002 Fundamentals of Programming Lab 1: Getting Started with Java


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1. NetBeans IDE Java Quick Start Tutorial
You are required to change the project location to D:\YourMatricNumber, example
You can download JDK with NetBeans from
Then, you can install at your own desktop PC or laptop.
2. Create a new project named L1Q2. Modify the main class to MyProfile. The project
will display your personal profile such as full name, matric number, address, email,
contact and etc. (Exchange the profile with your friend)
3. Create a new project named L1Q3. The project will display the figure below.
4. Create a new project named L1Q4. The project will display a chart based on data in
the table below. A chart is a graphical representation of data
Table 1: Total Sales of Product A
Month Amount
January 2016 2500
February 2016 1600
March 2016 2000
April 2016 2700
May 2016 3200
Jun 2016 800
5. NetBeans Debugger.