TCES 202 Assignment 0 – 201 Review


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This is a review assignment for topics covered in TCES 201. Run the executable to understand
the behavior of the program. Starter code (review.c) is provided along with this description.
Write a program using pointer variables and dynamic storage to input a list of real numbers of
unknown length from a given file (real1.txt), sum and count all the positive numbers, sum and
count all the negative numbers, count of positive numbers above average, and count of negative
numbers above average.
Assume the first number in the list is an integer indicating the length of the list. Assume that
each floating point number including sign will not be more than 9 characters long which means
that 10 is a good length to use to read the input from the file. BUFFER_LEN is already defined for
this purpose that you may want to use.
Make sure that your program works for other input files (real2.txt). In other words, don’t hard
code the length but use the length from the file to dynamically allocate. You must use calloc or
malloc to dynamically allocate the array and of course, use free to release (already done for you)
the memory when done.
Submission Instructions: Submit the code on Canvas under Assignment 0 Submission link
as review.c. Formatting, appropriate variable names and conventions, readability and
commenting are all considered while grading. Don’t forget to create a header at the top of the
file in the format below.
Menaka Abraham
This program .