ENSF 380 Group Project Submission 2


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Use the UML diagram we have provided (GP1-Model-Solution) as the basis for completing your worksheet, rather than the one you created for submission 1. Our asking you to use a standard diagram does not imply that your solution was incorrect – there are multiple possible valid solutions to submission 1.

Our model solution is one possible design. Furthermore, it is not an optimal design as it has been limited to concepts which were introduced in lectures up to and including Week 3. Standardizing all teams with a single diagram aids us in grading the submission. It also ensures that any changes in the composition of team members will not affect the group project development.

Finally, using our model diagram ensures that all teams, regardless of their performance on GP #1, will be working with an acceptable UML diagram for GP #2, thus eliminating cumulative impacts between submissions. Refer to Lesson18A to complete the work. The file should be named .pdf – for example, L02 group 5 should submit a file 5.pdf, while L03 group 6 should submit a file 6.pdf.

Example worksheet entries This example continues the horse/rider example from submission 1. It shows a subset of the unit tests which might be written, given the methods and attributes shown in the UML diagram. In your actual worksheet, you should aim to be as comprehensive as possible. Test Name Description Test Value(s) testRiderSetAge setAge() should modify the rider’s age to the new value.

getAge() is used to check the value. 25 used in constructor, 20 used by setAge() testRiderInvalidAgeBoundary It should not be possible to instantiate a Rider with an invalid human age (<1 or >120). Check both boundary conditions. 0 121 testRiderInvalidAgeNegative It should not be possible to instantiate a Rider with an invalid human age (<1). Check negative number.

-5 testAnimalViewSkills Public skills array can be accessed from an instantiated Animal object. [‘dancing’, ‘karaoke’, ‘long jump’] testRiderAggregation A Rider object used in the Animal constructor can be retrieved with getRider(). getRiderName() is used to confirm the Rider object. Jasmine