EEL 6764 Principles of Computer Architecture Homework #2




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1 Problems
Total Points: 228
Complete the following problems at the end of Appendix B and Chapter 2 of the textbook.

B1, B2, B5, B9, 2.18(a − c) (2.9 (a − c) 5th Ed.), 2.20 (2.11 5th Ed.), 2.21 (2.12, 5th Ed.).

Note: For problem 2.18(a − c), use the following information.

Hit time (cycles) Miss rate Miss penalty (cycles)
DM 2 2.2% 20
2-way 3 1.2% 20
4-Way 3 0.33% 20
8-Way 4 0.09% 20

If certain information is not provided, make reasonable assumptions of your own, and use those
assumptions to approach the solutions. Make sure that in your solutions, state your assumptions

2 Requirements
• All homeworks should be done and submitted individually.
• Show all steps to get full points.

• Writing and drawings if necessary must clear and readable. Otherwise, substantial loss ofpoints
may occur.
• All your work must be put in a single file.

• You must submit your solutions electronically via Canvas.
• The file for your solutions must be in PDF or MS-Word DOCX format.