EECS/EEAP 484 Computational Intelligence Problem Set 3: Maxnet


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Maxnet is a competitive network (a recurrent neural net with mutual inhibition) that is a
means of identifying the strongest signal among a collection of neuron outputs. In the
Maxnet design, the neurons are initialized to some starting state (presumably due to a
transient stimulus at the inputs), and the Maxnet outputs all decay towards zero, due to
the influence of lateral inhibition between neurons. If the lateral inhibition influence is
too strong, all outputs will be suppressed to zero. For smaller values of inhibition, the
network will converge to a stable solution in which one and only one neuron is firing.
This neuron will correspond to the neuron with the largest initial condition.
The accompanying Matlab code consists of maxnet.m and activation_fnc.m. The number
of neurons in the network is specified by “nnodes”. The strength of lateral inhibition is
specified by “eps” (which should be a negative number). The desired activation function
should accept a net input value (a scalar) and return an output that is 0 if the input is
negative but is identical to the input if the input is nonnegative.
Fill in the body of “activation_fnc.m” and complete populating the matrix W of weights.
(Note: weight W(i,j) corresponds to the influence of neuron “j” on neuron “i”).
Maxnet.m has a “pause” that requires you to hit “enter” to step through iterations of the
network feedback. You must hit ctl-C to get out of the infinite loop (or set an alternative
termination condition in the main loop).
Once your program is running correctly, experiment with: initial conditions, number of
neurons, and inhibition strength. Report on your observations. Can you make any
generalizations regarding suitable values for mutual inhibition?