EECE 144 Lab 3 Logic Implementation Using ICs


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• Look up the data sheet for your 74HC00 and 74LS00 ICs and find VOH, VOL, VIH, and VIL
• Measure VOH and VOL for each IC and compare to the datasheet values
• Generate the truth table for the following Boolean expression
ac + a
b + ab0
• Using the ICs in your kit, implement (1) on your breadboard and verify it using your truth table
– Use only the 7408, 7432, and 7404 ICs
– Use switches for inputs and the bar LEDs as outputs
– Do not simplify the expression
• Demonstrate your complete and functional circuit to your lab TA
The report for this lab should include the following sections:
1. Description/Objectives
2. Procedure, which must include
(a) Voltage levels (measured and from the datasheet) for your 7400 ICs
(b) The truth table you generated for (1)
3. Observations
4. Conclusions