EECE 144 Lab 13 Sequential Taillights


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• Read the description for Problem 16.27
• Use Verilog to write a module that controls the sequential taillights
– Your Verilog module must have the following format
module taillights(input clk, L, R, H, output reg [2:0] TL, TR);
– When L=1, the output TL cycles through the sequence: 3’000, 3’b001, 3’b011, 3’b111, 3’b000, etc.
– When R=1, the output TR cycles through the sequence: 3’000, 3’b100, 3’b110, 3’b111, 3’b000, etc.
• Demonstrate your implementation to your TA
The report for this lab should include the following sections:
1. Description/Objectives
2. Procedure
3. Observations
4. Conclusions
5. Appendix
(a) The Verilog code for your implementation (not your testbench)