DSCI 551 – HW5 (Hadoop MapReduce & Spark)


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In this homework, we will consider the churn data set again (as in hw1). You are given two versions of the file: churn4hadoop.csv and churn.csv. The former has not header, to be used for Hadoop quesQon below; the laSer has header used in Spark. 1. [Hadoop MapReduce, 40 points] Complete the provided Churn.java by supplying the missing code as indicated in the source file, so that it answers the following SQL query. Select InternetService, max(tenure) From Churn Where churn = “Yes” Group by InternetService Having count(*) > 200; ExecuQon format: hadoop jar churn.jar Churn input output Where the input directory contains a single file: churn4hadoop.csv. 2. [40 points] For each of the following SQL queries, write a Spark script that finds the answer to the query. Note to read a csv file with header into Spark as a dataframe, proceed as follows: churn = spark.read.csv(‘churn.csv’, header=True) You will also need to import this: import pyspark.sql.funcQons as fc a) select count(*) from churn where gender = ‘Male’ and churn = ‘Yes’; b) select gender, max(TotalCharges) from churn where churn = “Yes” group by gender; Note: you will need to change the data type of TotalCharges from string to double. For example, churn = churn.withColumn(‘TotalCharges’, fc.col(‘TotalCharges’).cast(‘double’)) c) select gender, count(*) from churn where churn = ‘Yes’ group by gender; d) select churn, contract, count(*) cnt from churn group by churn, contract order by churn, cnt desc; (churn is ascending) e) select gender, churn, count(*) from churn group by gender, churn having count(*) > 1000; 3. [20 points] Write a Spark RDD script for each of the following SQL queries. a. Same as q2.a. b. Same as q2.b. Submission: • Q1: Churn.java and churn.jar and part-r-00000 under the output directory. • Q2: submit a text file q2-soluQon.txt with your scripts and outputs from each script. • Q3: submit a text file q3-soluQon.txt with your scripts and outputs from each script.