CST8132 Exercise 5 – Overloaded constructors, composition, StringBuilder


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• In this lab exercise you will practice using overloaded constructors, composition, and StringBuilder
• Create a class Name that has three String fields: first middle last
• Put in overloaded constructors that chain calls to the one accepting three String references
o Name(String, String, String) // first, middle, last
o Name(String, String) // first, last (set middle to “unknown”)
o Name(String) // first (set middle and last to “unknown”)
o Name() // set all three fields to “unknown”
• Add getter methods for each of the fields (i.e. create Read-Only Properties) (no setters)
• Add a method getFullName()
o Use a StringBuilder to append the three parts of the name together, separated by spaces
o Return a reference to a String generated from the StringBuilder
• Add a class person with a field of type Name “A person has-a name”
• There should only be two fields in class Person, one of type Name, another for age of type int
• Put overloaded constructors into class Person
o One that allows first, middle, and last names to be passed as Strings
o One that accepts a Name object reference, and an age as an int
 Make a new Name inside Person, copying the references for the parts of the name.
• Add one method named details() to return a String consisting of the persons full name and age also
using a StringBuilder
• Test your classes Person and Name using the following class:
public class PersonTester {
public static void main(String[] args) {
Person person1 = new Person(“a1”, “b1”, “c1”, 11);
Person person2 = new Person(new Name(“a2”, “b2”, “c2”), 22);
Person person3 = new Person(new Name(“a3”, “c3”), 33);
Person person4 = new Person(new Name(“a4”), 44);
Person person5 = new Person(new Name(), 55);
Grading Guide (Total Score 10):
Name class correct 4
Person class correct 4
Program produces correct output 2
Sample Program Output
a1 b1 c1 age: 11
a2 b2 c2 age: 22
a3 unknown c3 age: 33
a4 unknown unknown age: 44
unknown unknown unknown age: 55