CST8130: Data Structures — Assign #2- Bank Simulator


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Sorting/Searching using ArrayList
In this assignment, you will modify a solution to Assignment
1. You may use your solution, or my posted one. You will
make the Bank data structure more efficient in two ways.
a) Change the bankData declaration in Bank class to
be an object of ArrayList..
b) Add to the menu an option to display the database
– which will display each element in the array. (So
you can check your insert changes below are
c) Change the insert into the bankData structure so
that the account numbers are in numeric order
from smallest to largest in the most efficient way

d) Once the bankData structure is ordered, modify
your search to also make it as efficient as possible
(Note – do NOT use Generic Collection methods
NOTE You will NOT need to change the BankAccount and
SavingsAccount and ChequingAccount classes except to
possibly add some comparison methods.
I suggest you complete each of the requirements one at a
time. The output from the assignment should be the same
as from Assignment 1.
You must submit to the assignment link in Blackboard by the
due date and time a zip file (named
LastnameFirstNameAssign2) containing:
• all source code – ie .java files (Note – I may
choose to re-compile your program….so all code
must be available to me) with headers as
described in Assignment 1
• Your test plan that tests only the changes made in
this program in either .docx or .xls format (ie
everything from Assign 1 test plan should still work
– but you don’t need to repeat in this test plan).
Failure to provide any of the above will have an effect on
your grade for this assignment.