CSE 4344/5344 Project 1 Simple Web Server & Client


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(A) To understand Client-Server communication via sockets
(B) To gain exposure to the basic operations of a Web Server and Client
(C) To explore basic structures of HTTP messages
Due Date
Project Description
(A) You will be developing a multi-threaded Web server which interacts with
any standard Web Clients ( You may use any web browser of your choice
to test the functionality however you should also submit the a client as
given in (B) below ). The Web server and Web client communicate using a
text-based protocol called HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol)
(B) Build a single threaded Web Client on your own which interacts with
your Web Server, and downloads a file from the server
(C) Display the essential connection parameters of connection for both the
Web client ( on the server side ) and for the Web Server ( on the client
side )
1 All Submissions must be completed through Canvas
Guidelines and Requirements CSE 4344/5344 Project 1
© Sajib Datta 2022 2 Fall 2022
Specifications – Server
The server being multi-threaded, should be able to handle multiple requests
concurrently. The main thread ( server ), listens to a specified port like the
standard port for HTTP (8080). Upon receiving a HTTP request, the server sets
up a TCP connection to the requesting client and serves the request in a
separate thread using a new port. After sending the response back to the client, it
closes the connection. For this exercise you may choose any browser of your
choice for testing. ( Internet Explorer or FireFox or Chrome )2. However you
should submit a client program as per the the Section Specifications – Client.
The server is assumed to work with HTTP GET messages. If the requested
file exists at the server, it responds with a “HTTP/1.1 200 OK” together with the
requested page to the client, otherwise it sends a corresponding error message,
“HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found” or “HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request”.
• If running the server program using command line, the syntax should be
server_code_name < port_number >
• You must test your Web server implementation on your local machine
using a Web browser. You need to specify the used port number within
the URL. If omitting the port number portion, i.e., 8080, the browser
should use the default port 8080. To cite an example,
http ~~localhost 8080~index:html
• You should display/log the request and header lines of request
messages on the server for the purpose of debugging.
Specifications – Client
• The client should be able to initiate a connection to the server, via a socket and
request any page on the server. Upon receipt of the response message from
the server, the client extracts and displays/logs the message status3, and then
retrieves the page content from the corresponding message body.
• The requested file need not be HTML, even a text file would suffice 4.
• You may execute the client program using command line, with the
follow-ing syntax,
2Caveat: Some of the browsers need some additional setting changes for enabling
complete functionality
3 ’HTTP 200 OK’ or ’404 Bad Request’
4 But the format of the request should strictly be HTTP as discussed in class
Guidelines and Requirements CSE 4344/5344 Project 1
© Sajib Datta 2022 3 Fall 2022
client_code < server_IP address >< port_no ><
requested_file_name >
(a) Server_IPaddress: The IP address or name of the Web server, e.g., or localhost for the server running on the local machine.
(b) port_no: The port on which the server is listening to contnections
from clients. If the port number is not entered, the default port
8080 should be used.
(c) requested_file_name: The name of the requested file, which may
include the path to the file.
Specifications – Connection Parameters
You should be able to extract the following information from the connection
(a) Calculate and Display RTT for the client request5.
(b) Print the relevant server details on client side. The examples could be
Host Name of the server, socket family, socket type, protocol, timeout
and get peer name6.
(c) Print the relevant client details on server side. The examples could be
Host Name of the client, socket family, socket type, protocol, timeout
and get peer name 7.
(a) This is an individual project.
(b) You can use the programming language of your choice 8.
(c) You may use the skeleton code for the server provided in the textbook’s
companion website for reference. You may also want to refer to the
text-book, chapter 2, section 2.2.3, for more details on HTTP message
format and section 2.7, for socket programming.
(d) The source codes should be well documented to make it easier for the
TA to follow.
5 Refer Slide 2 – 25 of class lecture
6 Print a minimum of 4 out of 6
7 Print a minimum of 4 out of 6
8 You may get more help with Java or Python. Our best choice for you will be Python
Guidelines and Requirements CSE 4344/5344 Project 1
© Sajib Datta 2022 4 Fall 2022
Submission Guidelines
• Submit a single zipped file with the naming convention,
< your_U TA_id > _ < your_name > :zip
• Your submission should have the following items to be considered for
(a) Source codes of the Web server and client
(b) Any additional files required to run your codes
(c) –Very Important– readme.txt file with instructions on how to
compile and run your codes. You must mention the IDE as well as
any packages that are required to run the codes.
(d) –Very Important– Provide ample amount of comments in the code
to make it more readable and sustainable.
• Do NOT include any executable (binaries) program in your submission.
Canvas has different interpretations for various executable and varied
lev-els of security preventing TAs from accessing the executable.
• Make sure your name and your UTA ID are also listed in the readme file
and in comments at the beginning of your source files.
• Make sure that submissions of the zipped file is through UTA Canvas9.
• Late submission will be NOT accepted by any means.
Additional Requirements/Instructions
(a) Please email your TA for any doubts and clarifications regarding the
project 1.
(b) Complete documentation and instructions for running the codes are recommended. You are also requested to demonstrate the working of your
code to the TA10.
(c) If you are using any code from some external source or book, you MUST
mention it explicitly in the codes as well as the readme file. Otherwise, it will
be considered plagiarism and your project will not be evaluated.
(d) You can discuss with other classmates on steps/algorithms to
implement the project. However, the source codes must be written by
your-self .
9 Please strictly follow the naming convention of the zipped file
10.TA hours will be the best time to do this. We will try open some slots in google doc, so that
you can come in specified time slots to give a demo without much trouble
Guidelines and Requirements CSE 4344/5344 Project 1
© Sajib Datta 2022 5 Fall 2022
Grading Rubric (100 points)
(i) The server works correctly with requests from a Web browser (10 points)
(ii) The server can serve multiple requests at the same time (multithreaded
implementation) (20 points)
(iii) The client sends/receives messages to/from the server correctly (20 points)
(iv) The client extracts the status and content of messages from the server
correctly (15 points)
(v) Extracting and displaying connection parameters (10 points)
(vi) Calculate and Display Round Trip Time (RTT). (10 points)
(vii) Proper closing of the ports with exception handling. (5 points)
(viii) Display/log of proper messages on the server as well as on the client (5
(ix) Code documentation and Readme file (5 points)
Wish you all a good luck