CSE 333/533 Assignment 2: Transformation, Viewing and Projection


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The given program renders a cube in orthographic projection. Study the program and
understand how transformation, viewing and projection matrices are applied in the
OpenGL programmable pipeline.
Different parts of the assignment are divided into various files (transformations.cpp,
viewing.cpp, and torus.cpp) under StudentCode folder. Look for TODO comments to know
what to implement.
1. Generate screenshots after applying the following transformations (not successively) to
the cube
a. Rotate about the z-axis by 15 degrees [1 mark]
b. Scale along the y-axis by 2.0 [1 mark]
c. Translate by (20, 10) [1 mark]
2. Compose the above transformations in the order and . Generate
screenshots. Give reasons why the result is identical or different in the two cases [2
3. GLM provides a lookAt function to construct the viewing matrix.
a. Write your own version of the same as myLookAt(). [3 marks]
b. Verify correctness of your routine by comparing it with the GLM function used in the
provided code (i.e., by generating screenshots for comparison).
In case of any differences, explain. [2 marks]
4. Perform appropriate projection transformations and generate screenshots for the
following views of the cube:
a. Orthographic: top, front elevation, side elevation, and isometric. [2.5 marks]
b. Perspective: one-point, two-point, three-point (bird’s eye view), three-point (rat’s
eye view). [2.5 marks]
5. A torus is given by this equation
where , is the radius of the center of the hole to the center of the torus
tube, and is the radius of the tube. Generate a torus object and display it. [5 marks]
x = (c + a cosv) cos u
y = (c + a cosv)sin u
z = a sin v
u,v ∈ [0, 2π) c
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• C/C++ code (make sure to upload full Cmake Project).
• 2~3 page PDF Report written with Latex/MS Word. Use the acmlarge option (single
column) (see sample-acmlarge.tex if writing with Latex).
Total marks for this assignment: 20 marks
Bonus (bonus marks to a maximum of 5 will be awarded for the following features. This
part is completely optional)
• Implement a trackball to rotate the cube with mouse. Doing so, you will have to
appropriately convert screen (x, y) coordinates into camera (x, y, z) position, and rotation.
[5 marks]
You may want to understand Trackball for the same:
Note: Your code should be written by you and be easy to read. You are NOT permitted to
use any code that is not written by you. (Any code provided by the TA can be used with
proper credits within your program)
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