CSE 222/505 – Homework 05


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1. Double Hashng Map: Implement Map nterface by usng an open addressng hash
table. Collsons are resolved by double hashng.
2. Recursve Hashng Set: Implement Set nterface by usng a channg hash table.
The reference of the value s stored n the table f there s no collson. Collsons are
resolved by nsertng the values (mapped to the same table entry) nto another hash
table of same type. So, the structure s recursve.
3. MergeSort wth DoubleLnkedLst : Implement merge sort wth double lnked lst.
Analyze the runnng tme of your method.
4. Average Run Tme Analyss: Collect data about the average runnng-tme of each
algorthm dscussed n class. Create arrays of random ntegers and then measure the
tme t takes to sort for each algorthm. Repeat ths process, for at least 10 dfferent
sze of arrays and at least 10 tmes for each array sze. Report the average runtme
(draw graphs) for each algorthm. (Hnt: System.nanoTme() gves you a
nanosecond-precse tme)
5. Worst-case Performance Analyss: In order to compare worst-case performance of
sort algorthms (dscussed n class) perform the followng experment: For each
algorthm generate nput arrays gvng worst-case performance. Generate arrays of at
least 4 dfferent szes:100, 1000, 5000, 10000. Report the performance analyss and
show that graphcs.
*each algorthm: 5 sortng algorthms
Queston1:MergeSort wth dll
Four algorthms n books codes: Inserton Sort, Merge Sort, Quck Sort, HeapSort.
Q4 average run tme analyss and Q5 worst-case performance analyss steps must be
appled to all algorthms ( 5 sortng algorthm)
● Obey OOP prncples
● Use ntellJ IDE on the gven VM. VM download lnk can be found on moodle(n HW1)
● Your submsson s studentnumber.zp and nclude followng fles:
● o ntellJ project fle
○ Q1 folder
○ Q2 folder
○ Q3 folder
○ Q4 folder
○ Q5 folder
● o Report.pdf
● o Javadoc
● The report must be n format “ReportFormat_hw5.doc”