CSE 102 Homework #1


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In this homework you will write simple programs to exercise with basic operators and
input/output operations. Please do not forget that your program should work exactly as the
example runs given below the part definitions.
Write a simple program that calculates the overall grade of the students. There are 3
midterms, 2 homeworks and 1 final exam. You will ask the user to enter the weight of each
exam/homework and the grades taken by the student. Then you will calculate the last grade
in a single expression and print the result.
Example run:
Write a program that calculates how many days the user has lived. You will ask the user to
enter the current year,month and day and then his birthday. Then you will calculate the
total days he has lived (assume that each month is 30 days and there is no leap year). Then
you will ask the user about the time of another planet and calculate how old he would be if
he were lived in that planet.
Example run: