CSCI 5606, Assignment 1


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Let us define the machine epsilon for a specific computer as the smallest power of 2, 2x
such that 1 + 2x > 1 on that machine. Write and run a short, efficient program to calculate
the machine epsilon for your computer using (1) single precision; and (2) double precision.
Solution to the problem should consist of a copy of your program code and a short
write-up. In the write-up, describe your implementation and discuss the results you have
obtained. Your program should have lots of comments on how to use them and how they
work. Undocumented programs are of little use to you when you go back and try to use them
later, and of even less use to others who might want to use them. The computer program
should be sent to Ms. Li-yin Young at by email, and please put
“hw1, computer program” in the subject line.