CSCI 3901 Assignment 3 Access SQL


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Problem 1 Goal Access SQL through Java. Gain some exposure to XML. Question You work for the Mini-Me Toy Car company. Management periodically wants a summary of the company’s operation over a period of time. In particular, management is interested in information on new activity in the given period of time. Your job is to extract the summary information from the database. You will store the summary information in a file that follows an XML format. Someone else will then use XML tools (notably XSLT) to convert your information into something that management will review. Input Your program will obtain the following information from the keyboard in the following order: – The starting date for the period to summarize – The ending date for the period to summarize – The name of the file for the output All dates will be in a YYYY-MM-DD format. Output Your program will send all of its output to the specified file. The data that you extract will be in 3 categories: 1. Customer information a. Report the customer name, address, value of orders, and owing balance for customers who became customers (have their first order) in the given time period. 2. Product information a. Report, for each product whose first sale is in the given period, the product name, product line name, the date the product was first sold and, for each customer who bought the product in the given period, the customer name and total number of units ordered by that customer 3. Office information a. Report, for each city office, their city, territory, number of staff at the office, number of new customers in the given period, and the value of sales to new customers in the given period Your output file will be in an XML format. XML uses a set of tags to surround data to let you know what the data is. Some tags can be nested in other tags. We will use a simple version of XML. The first line of your XML file should provide information on the version of XML to use. The following line will be sufficient: Following this first line, we get a set of nested tags to store the data. The starting tag has the format <…> and the matching ending tag has the format <…/> (differing by the ending slash) where … is the tag name. The outermost tag is year_end_report Here is a description of the correct nesting (in a data type definition (DTD) format): <!ELEMENT time_period_summary (year, customer_list, product_list, office_list) > <!ELEMENT year (start_date, end_date) > <!ELEMENT customer_list (customer*) > <!ELEMENET customer (customer_name, address, order_value, outstanding_balance) > <!ELEMENT address (street_address, city, postal_code, country) > <!ELEMENT product_list (product_sales*) > <!ELEMENT product_sales (product_name, product_line_name, introduction_date, customer_sales*) > <!ELEMENT customer_sales (customer_name, units_sold) > <!ELEMENT office_list (office*)> <!ELEMENT office (office_city, territory, employee_count, new_customer *> <!ELEMENT new_customer (customer_name, customer_sales_value) > All items without an ELEMENT line are of type #PCDATA (if that matters to you). The address in customer is just the first address line in the database. As an example to read this information, the tags time_period_summary must contain nested tags for each of year, customer_list, product_list, and office_list. The tag customer_list will contain zero or more tags with name “customer”, as identified by the * after the “customer” tag in the ELEMENT clause. In an XML file, the spacing doesn’t matter. I encourage you to use spacing and tabs to make the XML file readable by a person. Information on XML can be found at Sample output (just one entry shown for each section, for brevity), that is fictitious (so not data taken from the current database): 2003-02-12 </ start_date> 2003-02-19 </ end_date> Rovelli Gifts

Via Ludovico il Moro 22 Bergamo 24100 Italy

52151.81 500.00 1980s Black Hawk Helicopter Planes 1980s Black Hawk Helicopter </product_name > 2003-02-14 </introduction_date > Rovelli Gifts 38 AAA Models 12 Paris Europe 5 Rovelli Gifts 38 </time_period_summary > Constraints • You may use any data structure from the Java Collection Framework. • Write your solution in Java. The solution code must be your own. • Use the mysql JDBC connection for Java. • If in doubt for testing, I will be running your program on Correct operation of your program shouldn’t rely on any packages that aren’t available on that system. Notes • Use SQL vs Java as you deem best. • Be sure to document your approach and any resources that you use. • Look at where the bulk of the marks are in the marking scheme to help focus your efforts. • You can run your queries against the csci3901 database on I will also make the sql file for the database available to you so that you can create your own copy of the database. • You are expected to submit o Your Java code o External documentation o An argument as to why your solution is ready to be deployed Marking scheme • Documentation (internal and external) – 3 marks • Program design, organization, and style – 2 marks • Proper XML file format, including human readability – 3 marks • Correct extraction of customer information – 4 marks • Correct extraction of product information – 4 marks • Correct extraction of office information – 4 marks