CSCI 340 Computer Assignment 6 Binary Search Tree Class


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For this computer assignment, implement a derived class to represent a binary search tree. Since a
binary search tree is also a binary tree, implement your binary search tree class from the base class of
binary trees, which you implemented in your previous assignment.
You are required to implement the binary search tree class in file. You will need
assignment6.h and, which are fully implemented.
already contains necessary headers. All files are available at
The definition of the derived binary search tree class is given here to facilitate the following description:
class BST : public binTree {
BST() : binTree() {} // constructor
void insert( int ); // insert an item in the tree
bool search( int ); // search an item in the tree
bool remove( int ); // remove an item in the tree
// returns true when successful
int sumLeaves(); // return the sum of values
// of leaves

void insert( Node*&, int ); // private version of insert(int)
bool search( Node*&, int ); // private version of search(int)
bool remove( Node*&, int ); // private version of remove(int)
int sumLeaves( Node*& n); // private version of sumLeaves
The above public functions simply call their private versions. The private versions of insert (),
remove (), search() and sumLeaves () functions can be implemented as recursive
functions. You can assume there are no identical numbers to be inserted into the tree.
When you implement the remove() function, consider three possible cases: the node to be removed
(1) is a leaf; (2) has only one child; and (3) has two children. In the first case, simply delete the node. In
the second case, bypass the node making a new link from its parent to its child, and delete the node. In
the third case, find the immediate predecessor of the node – first move to the left child of the node, and
then move to rightmost node in the sub-tree, replace the value of the node with its immediate
predecessor, and delete the predecessor. The pseudo-code is shown below.
BinarySearchTree-Remove ( Node n, int x)
1 if n is empty
2 stop
3 if n’s data is greater than x
4 recursive call to BinarySearchTree-Remove ( n’s left link, x)
Binary Search Tree Class
5 if n’s data is less than x
6 recursive call to BinarySearchTree-Remove ( n’s right link, x)
7 if n has two non-empty children
8 pred find n’s immediate predecessor
9 copy pred’s data to n
10 recursive call to BinarySearchTree-Remove( n’s left link, pred’s data)
11 else if n is leaf
12 delete n
13 n  null
14 else // n has one child
15 temp  n
16 n  n’s only child
17 delete temp
Programming Notes:
1. You need to copy your assignment5.h and files into your current folder
for assignment 6. You may need to add a line of code in assignment5.h to make BST a
friend class of your Node class if necessary. You need to comment out the statement
“#define BINTREE_MAIN” in since there is a new main method in file.
2. You need to copy the three files assignment6.h,, and from the directory shown in the last page. You need to add the
implementation of BST class in
3. In the final version of your assignment, you are not supposed to change existing
implementation, including the main method, provided to you in the original files
assignment6.h and
4. To compile the source file, execute “ g++ -Wall –o assignment6.exe”. To test your program, execute
“./assignment6.exe &> assignment6.out”. You can find the correct output of this
program in file assignment6.out in the directory shown in the last page.
5. Add documentation to your source file.
6. Prepare your Makefile so that the TA only needs to invoke the command “make” to compile
your source file and produce the executable file assignment6.exe. Make sure you use exactly
the same file names specified here, i.e. assignment6.h,, and assignment6.exe, in your Makefile. Otherwise your
submission will get 0 points.
7. When your program is ready, submit files assignment5.h, assignment6.h,,, and Makefile to your TA
by following the Assignment Submission Instructions.