CSCI 230 HW 3 – Solving a problem with a stack


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Write an application program called Balancer that uses a stack, implemented with the
LinkedStack class that we developed in class on July 22, to solve the following problem:
Given an arithmetic expression, print the expression and state whether or not the
expression includes properly matched parentheses. The determination of validity must
involve use of the stack to balance symbols as described on pages 84-85 in the text.
Note: instantiate your stack to hold Character data (the java Object for the char data
Your application should include an isItBalanced method that verifies expressions sent
as a String parameter and return true if the expression has balanced parentheses and
false otherwise. The isItBalanced method will process the String parameter
character by character and using a stack, determine it if it balanced or not.
The main method in your application program should call isItBalanced several times
with different expressions and print results in a readable format.
Examples of expressions with properly matched parentheses include. Note, an empty string would
also be balanced:
5 (4) (4+2) 4+(2–4) (4+(2–4))*10
Examples of expressions with improperly matched parentheses include:
0) 4+((3-5) 4+2)*10 (2+3
Note, you are only interested in the parentheses, assume that other characters are OK.
Due: Friday, July 24, 10pm. Since you will submit at least two files (
and, put them in a folder named with your last name, zip/compress
the folder, and upload it to OAKS by the due date/time.