CSCI 1310 Introduction to Computer Programming Assignment 9




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For this assignment, you will be submitting your code to Moodle code runner. In this
assignment you will be converting your assignment 3 which was in C++ to
python(Python 3).
Read the entire assignment carefully before beginning. In this assignment, you’re going
to develop a simulated community message board where users can post items they
have for sale or search for items they want to buy. Your program will search for
matches, e.g. there is a bicycle for sale for $50 and a bicycle wanted, where the buyer
will pay up to $60, and remove items from the message board as they are sold. Users
have the option of posting and searching for as many items as they choose before they
quit the program.
Getting started
Your program should display a menu with the following selections:
1. Insert an item.
2. Search for an item.
3. Print the message board.
4. Quit.
Use the following python print statements for your menu:
print “1. Insert an item.”
print “2. Search an item.”
print “3. Print the message board.”
print “4. Quit.”
The input is going to be passed from a file so a suggested input line is
choice = myFile.readline()
//before the menu loop you need to open myFile with a parameter filename,
//which you read from input before the –i.e. filename = input()
This menu should be displayed after every transaction is complete unless the user
selects Quit. The user can select the option they want using the number for the option.
For example, to add an item, they type 1.
Insert an item
If the user selects 1 to add an item, they should be prompted for the type of item to
add and the cost of the item. To simplify the program, there are five types of items:
bicycle, microwave, dresser, truck and chicken. Your input prompts need to include the
exact text shown here:
“Enter the item type-b,m,d,t,c:”
“Enter the item cost:”
The user types the first letter of the item type to indicate the type they want to add.
Data in the message board is stored as a list of lists. Each element on the message
board is a list that contains the type and the cost, and all of the individual elements are
stored in the message board list.
Your list will look something like this:
[[‘bicycle’, 50], [‘truck’, 1000], [‘microwave’, 10]]
In this example, there are three elements in the message board list, a bicycle for $50, a
truck for $1000, and a microwave for $10. The first element in the message board list
is a list with two elements: the string “bicycle” and the integer 50, which is the cost.
Each of the individual lists in the message board has two properties, a string and an
When an element is added to the message board list, it should be appended to the end
of the list. Don’t sort the data, Duplicates are also okay.
Search for an item
When the user selects 2 to search an item, they should be prompted with the item
type, and the maximum price they are willing to pay for the item. Your code should
then search the list and return the first item with the correct type and a cost that is less
than or equal to the price that the user will pay.
Use the following text in your prompts:
“Enter the item type-b,m,d,t,c:” “Enter the maximum item cost:”
For example, if the user types b and 50, they want a bicycle and are willing to pay up to
$50 for it. Your program should find the first bicycle in the list that sells for $50 or less.
If a match is found, print “Sold for ”
The itemType is one of the following: bicycle, microwave, dresser, truck, or
The itemCost is the actual item cost, not what the user is willing to pay.
The item should then be removed from the list.
If the item is not found, do nothing.
Print the message board
If the user selects Print the message board, your program should display the items in
the message board list in the following format:
If the user selects 4 for Quit, the program should exit the while loop that controls the
program, which will cause the program to exit.
Format and ordering of program output
You will be submitting your assignment to the moodle, so it’s important that the output
of your program is formatted and ordered in a certain way. You should use the print
statements given in this write-up.
Don’t output anything other than what is specified. Even the seemingly harmless
newline character or space could spell doom.