CSCI-1200 Lab 11 — Advanced Trees




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Checkpoint 1
Download these files:
Implement and test the decrement operator for tree_iterator. Determine the appropriate sequence to
insert the numbers 1-15 such that the resulting tree is exactly balanced. After using the print_sideways
function to confirm the construction of this tree, test your iterators on the structure. Similarly, create a
couple unbalanced trees to demonstrate that both the increment and decrement operators for iterators are
debugged. Your decrement operator should correctly decrement the end() iterator. You can use the same
“trick” we used in Lab 7 to make this work for ds_list iterators. Ask a TA if you have any questions.
To complete this checkpoint: Show one of the TAs your iterator decrement code and your tests cases.
Checkpoint 2
Add a member function called accumulate to the public interface of the ds_set class, and provide its
implementation. The function should take only one argument (of type T) and it should return the results of
accumulating all the data values stored in the tree. The argument is the initial value for the accumulation.
The function should only use operator+= on type T.
Test your code by showing that this works for both a set of ints, where the accumulate function should sum
the values in the set (initial value parameter is 0), and a set of strings, where the accumulate function should
concatenate the strings in the set (initial value parameter is “”). Does it matter if the operator+= for type
T is commutative? How can you control the result of accumulate if it is not commutative?
To complete this checkpoint: Show a TA your completed and tested program.
Checkpoint 3
Use the remainder of the lab time to work on Checkpoint 3 from last week’s lab (Yes, you can get “checked
off” for last week if you didn’t finish!)
Once you’re done with last week’s lab, you should show your TA and get your Exam 3 back. If you didn’t
receive full credit on Problem 3 (3.1 – 3.3), download the provided .cpp file from the link below and fix your
code. Try and do it without the exam solutions. Run your code with a memory debugger on your own
machine or by submitting it to Submitty. Ask the TAs for help!
To complete this checkpoint (towards the end of the lab period): Show a TA your attempt to correct
your Exam 3 implementation, and explain what you had to change / how you debugged your solution. Once
it’s close to the end of the lab, you can get checked off by talking to a TA even if you didn’t manage to get
the code working.