CSCI 1100 — Computer Science 1 Homework 3 If statements, Modules, Lists and While Loops


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Part 1: FIFA scoring rules
In this homework, we will be making use of a module called that provides a function
for this part of the homework. To get started with this part, unzip the folder given to you containing
the input files and this util file. You will start with reading the file containing information about
teams in the championship league. Try the following:
import hw3_util
teams = hw3_util.read_fifa()
print teams[0]
The function called read_fifa() will return you a list of teams. Each item in the list is information
for a team given in a list containing the following information:
[team, games_played, win, draw, lose, goals for, goals against]
Write a program to compare any two teams from this list and to print which team is superior. Here
are the rules:
• The team with the highest points is superior. Points are calculated as follows: each win is 3
points and each draw is 1 points.
• If the points are the same, then the team with the higher goal difference is superior. The goal
difference is compuated as follows: subtract the number of goals against from the number of
goals scored.
• If the two teams have the same goal difference, then the team with the higher number of goals
scored is superior.
• If the two teams are the same with respect to all of the above rules, we will assume that
they are the same. In this case, print that the two teams are tied. FIFA has even rules for
breaking the ties for that. But, we will stop here.
Your program must ask the index of any two teams from the list. Assume a valid index from the
list is given. Then, it will first print the full information corresponding to these teams, as well the
points for each team and the goal difference. The format is given below (the team column is 20
characters long, all other columns are 6 characters long).
You will then compare the two teams corresponding to the input indices, and print which team is
greater. Assume valid input only for simplicity. Here are some possible runs of the program:
Team 1 id => 1
Team 2 id => 2
Team Win Draw Lose GF GA Pts GD
Chelsea 18 10 10 65 46 64 19
Stoke City 11 12 15 36 53 45 -17
Chelsea is better
Team 1 id => 6
Team 2 id => 12
Team Win Draw Lose GF GA Pts GD
Manchester United 28 5 5 89 33 89 56
Manchester City (C) 28 5 5 93 29 89 64
Manchester City (C) is better
Team 1 id => 5
Team 2 id => 4
Team Win Draw Lose GF GA Pts GD
West Bromwich Albion13 8 17 45 52 47 -7
Swansea City 12 11 15 44 51 47 -7
West Bromwich Albion is better
When you have tested your code, please submit it as Do not submit the input file
or the utility module we gave you. Homework server will supply them.
Part 2: Turtle moves!
Suppose you have a Turtle that is standing in the middle of an image, at coordinates (200,200)
facing right (along the dimensions). Assume top left corner of the board is (0,0) like in the images.
You are going to read input from the user five times. Though you do not have to use a loop for
this part, it will considerably shorten your code to use one. It is highly recommended that you use
a loop here.
Each user input will be a command to the Turtle. You are going to execute each command as it is
entered, print the Turtle’s current location and direction. At the same time, you are going to put
all the given commands in a list, sort this resulting list at the end of the program and print it as
is (no other formatting).
Here are the allowed commands:
• move will move Turtle 20 steps in its current direction.
• jump will move Turtle 50 steps in its current direction.
• turn will turn the Turtle 90 degrees counterclockwise: right, up, left, down.
If user enters an incorrect command, you will do nothing and skip that command. You should
accept commands in a case insensitive way (move, MOVE, mOve should all work).
You must implement two functions for this program:
• move(x,y,direction,amount)
will return the next location of the Turtle as an (x,y) tuple if it is currently at (x,y), facing
direction (direction one of right, up, left, down) and moves the given amount.
• turn(direction)
will return the next direction for the Turtle currently facing direction, moving counterclockwise.
Now, write some code that will call these functions for each command entered and update the
location of the Turtle accordingly. Here is an example run of the program:
Turtle: (200,200) facing: right
Command (move,jump,turn) => turrn
Turtle: (200,200) facing: right
Command (move,jump,turn) => turn
Turtle: (200,200) facing: up
Command (move,jump,turn) => Move
Turtle: (200,180) facing: up
Command (move,jump,turn) => turn
Turtle: (200,180) facing: left
Command (move,jump,turn) => jumP
Turtle: (150,180) facing: left
All commands entered [‘turrn’, ‘turn’, ‘Move’, ‘turn’, ‘jumP’]
Sorted commands [‘Move’, ‘jumP’, ‘turn’, ‘turn’, ‘turrn’]
In the above example, turrn is an invalid command, so it has no effect in the Turtle’s state. In case
you are wondering, the list is sorted by string ordering, which is called lexicographic (or dictionary)
When you have tested your code, please submit it as
Part 3: Return of the box
In this part of the homework, you will do a variation of the box problem. As you have now become
a CS1 master, this part is substantially more difficult. You will read the height of a box and print
a diamond of this height (with line numbers on the left side). You will also ask for the foreground
and background characters to use in the printing.
You will also do some error checking in this case. You will print an error message for each error.
If there are no errors, only then, you will print the box. Here are the errors you should check in
this order (assume that if height is a digit it is at least 7 and do not check this one as we have not
learnt nested if statements yet):
1. Is the height a number? Check using str.isdigit() and if not print
Please enter a number for height.
2. Is the background character is a single character? If not print
Please enter one character for background.
3. Is the foreground character a single character? If not print
Please enter one character for foreground.
Here is a possible run of the program on Wing IDE:
Background char => .
Foreground char => @
Height => 7
We have analyzed the technical specifications for the diamond and found a significant flaw: on
line 3, there is a single ‘o’ at the end of the diamond, instead of the foreground character. This
incorrect character appears on the third line of the diamond regardless of its height. Your code
must replicate this flaw.
Your output must match ours for full credit, but there will be lots of partial credit. Note a few
• The diamond is padded with the background character on the left and right (starting with
height number of characters on each side of the diamond.)
• When the height is even, we repeat the middle line.
• The line numbers are right justified. When the max line number is double digit, then single
digit line numbers are padded with a space on the left (I used str.rjust(2) for this, see
below for examples.)
• Clearly, you need loops. Think about first writing a loop to do top part of the diamond.
Then, write a separate loop for the bottom part. Then, finally add a few if statements to
handle the special cases.
Here are some other possible outputs:
Background char =>
Foreground char => *
Height => 8
1 **
2 * *
3 * o
4 * *
5 * *
6 * *
7 * *
8 **
Background char => .
Foreground char => @
Height => 12
Also, error handling:
Background char => ab
Foreground char => cd
Height => ef
Please enter a number for height
Please enter one character for background
Please enter one character for foreground
When you have tested your code, please submit it as