CSC115 Lab 2


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• Exposure to testing
• Practice writing static methods that take Objects and arrays of Objects as parameters
Part I
1. Download, and to your Lab2 working directory.
2. Compile and run There should not be any compilation errors.
3. Complete the methods in and overviewed in the following UML diagram.
a. The documentation for each method is in Read the documentation provided
before each method to understand what we are asking you to implement. The tests written
in for each of the methods will provide additional insight on how
we expect each method to be implemented
b. Write and test each method one at a time.
CHECKPOINTs (Ungraded) – if after reading through the documentation and tests for any of the methods
you are required to implement you are still unsure what the method is supposed to do, don’t hesitate to ask
a TA for an explanation of what is expected.
SUBMISSION (Graded) – Submit the file into the Lab2 submission page on ConneX.
– sID: String
– grade: int
+ Student()
+ Student (String, int)
+ getSID(): int
+ setSID(String): void
+ getGrade(): int
+ setGrade(int): void
+ toString(): String
+ equals(Student): boolean
+ getHigherGradeStudent(Student, Student): Student
+ isGradeAbove (Student, int): boolean
+ getClasslist(Student[]): String[]
+ countAbove(Student[], int): int
+ getClassAverage(): double
+ registerStudent(Student[], Student): Student[]