CSc 30100 – Scientific Programming Assignment 6


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( ) 2
Calculate, as accurately as you can, the value of the definite
cos ,
where 1.0 radians and 3.0 radians.
Use adaptive quadrature with the Composite Simpson’s Rule
described in S
I x dx
a b
= =

( ) 2
ection 4.6 of the textbook.
Compare your result with the “exact” result you get using the
math routine(s) in numpy. In calculating the “exact” result, you
1 c
may want to make use of the identity cos x
os 2( )
. 2
The City College of New York
CSc 30100 – Scientific Programming
Fall 2020 – Erik K. Grimmelmann, Ph.D.
Discuss your results. Include all of your analysis and discussion
in an .ipynb file and submit the file thorugh Blackboard.
The name of the file you submit should be
Include your name in the first cell in your .ipynb notebook.
Do not clear your results after your last run so that I will be
able to see your results without rerunning your file.
If you collaborate with anyone on this assignment, be sure to
follow the collaboration guidelines in the syllabus including
listing with whom you collaborated in your ipynb file.