CS31 Project 7 (Optional)


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You Must Complete Project 6 First (Optional Project will be graded
independently of Project 6 – that means test cases used for testing
Project 6 will not be used for this optional project)
Design Your Own Project 7 (Optional)
• Modify Project 6
• Think about the employee blood donation scenario
• What additional functions should be included (at least three) based on the business logic that employees
cannot donate more than once in a period of six months, and the employee cannot donate more than once on the same day. Be creative in thinking about more potential functions.
• Do not change the variable, function, and class names used previously in Project 6.
• Add 2 additional classes (extending your project 6 code) • Illustrate overloading of constructors
• Illustrate the use of construction delegation
• Illustrate the use of the friend of a class (it can be for a non-member function, a member function of
another class, or another class).
• Submit all files (.h, .cpp, and main driver – all these files are built by extending your Project 6 program code)
• Main driver needs to have proper test cases using assert statements.
• Report.doc or report.txt to explain your business logic, program design, your test cases.
• Program cannot be compiled and tested using your code will earn zero points.
Grading will be based on:
• Fully functional program (compiled and run with your header, source, and main driver files)
• Fulfilling these requirements:
• 3 additional functionalities
• 2 classes
• Including an illustration of the use of constructor overload, constructor delegation, and the use of the friend of a class (it can be for a non-member function, a member function of
another class, or another class).
• Zero points for the project if any of these features are missing in your program.
• 30 test cases (assert statements) in the main driver code.
• Assert statement must be valid, appropriate, and functional.
• Documentation (report)
• Description of added functionalities
• Must include the business logic (in the context of how the business user will use the added features).
• Program design
• A thorough explanation of the design of your code.
• Test cases
• An explanation of the 30 test cases you used.
• Why this test case from a code test coverage’s perspective?
• Why this test case from a (business) use case’s perspective.
• No late submission will be accepted (period).
• IMPORTANT: zero for code fails to compile ad run
• Zero for missing the report
• Zero for missing any components of the report
• Earned grade will be used to replace the lowest project grade.
• No additional points will be given if the lowest project grade is the same or better than this optional project grade.