CS212: Assignment 2: Linked Lists


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CLO-2: Demonstrate the ability to create and use classes within the C++ programming language
CLO-5: Apply the OOP concepts to solve complex problems independently
Assignment must be submitted in printed form as well as in soft form (on LMS). Plagiarism in assignment will lead to
zero marks. Clearly mention your name, section & registration number on the assignment. To get good marks you must
attempt assignment yourself, use good programming practices & explain your solution through comments.
1. Analyze conceptually the requirements for a singly linked list in C++ and create a class which implements all the
required functions. Write code for insertion and deletion of a node in a singly linked list (at start, middle and end
2. Write a SortedINSERT() function which given a sorted list in ascending order, and a single node, inserts the node
into the correct sorted position in the list.
3. Create a method that takes two linked lists as arguments and appends second list to the first one.
4. Create SORT() method that sorts a given list in ascending order.
5. Create SPLIT() method that splits a given list into two parts i.e. front part and back part. For cases where no. of
elements is odd, the second part should hold the extra element.