CS18000 Programming Homework 03: Selection


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The types of programs you currently have the ability to create must strictly adhere to just one
possible path of execution. This means that your programs can really do only one type of action
or calculation, such as generating a username or displaying the area of a triangle. Selection,
using if-then-else and/or switch statements, opens up a new world of possibilities by
allowing a computer to evaluate one or more conditions, then act on them.
For instance, instead of making separate programs to let a user calculate the area of circles,
triangles, and squares, you can now build all of that functionality into one program, and present
the user with a menu to choose from. You will experiment with the use of selection to
determine menu choices below.
For this homework, your task is to create a program that prompts a user for their choice of
processor, memory, storage, graphics, and mouse or trackpad. The program should then display
the total price of the desktop computer with the desired specifications. Since we are dealing
with money, please display the total price with two decimal places.
Note that the starting price of the desktop to be customized is 4999.0. The pricing is based off
of the machine here. Please use the example output below to see how your program should
look. The output you get on your screen should match that in the picture — please be careful
with typos. Below is the cost to be added for each component.
Upgrade costs
Component Additional cost
8-core Intel Xeon W 0.0
10-core Intel Xeon W 800.0
14-core Intel Xeon W 1600.0
18-core Intel Xeon W 2400.0
Component Additional cost
32GB DDR4 RAM 0.0
64GB DDR4 RAM 800.0
128GB DDR4 RAM 2400.0
Component Additional cost
1TB SSD 0.0
2TB SSD 800.0
4TB SSD 2800.0
Component Additional cost
Radeon Pro Vega 56 0.0
Radeon Pro Vega 64 600.0
Mouse or Trackpad
Component Additional cost
Mouse 0.0
Trackpad 50.0
Both 149.0
Example output
You are required to create one class, ComputerCustomizer, that follows the specifications
outlined above. It is to be held in a file called ComputerCustomizer.java. For this
homework, you can assume that the user will only enter a valid menu choice.
Submit your file, ComputerCustomizer.java, to Vocareum through Blackboard. Keep in
mind that only your latest submission will be considered.
– ComputerCustomizer class — 100 points total
– 20 points each (5 tests total)
– Prompts are correct
– Total price is correct, and is displayed with two decimal places