CS1412 Assignment 7: Pointers


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1. Write a short C program that declares and initializes (to any value you like) a double, an
int, and a char. Next declare and initialize a pointer to each of the three variables. Your
program should then print the address of, and value stored in, and the memory size (in
bytes) of each of the six variables.

2. Write a C program to add two matrix using pointers. Please input two matrix from user
and find sum of both matrices using pointers.

3. Write a program that reads a message, then checks whether it’s a palindrome (the letters
in the message are the same from left to right as from right to left).

Enter a message: He lived as a devil, eh?
Enter a message: Madam, I am Adam.
Not a Palindrome

Write pseudocode to solve the given problems.

Write C program to solve the above problems. Name your file Lab7_YourName.c