CS1412 Assignment 10: Structures


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1. Write a simple program to enter some information from the user and display it using
structures. Create a struct named record to store the roll no, first name, last name,
faculty, address and contact number of the user. Then use it to scan and print the
elements. The output should look like this:

2. The annual examination is conducted for 50 students for three subjects. Write a program
to read the data and determine the following using structure:
(a) Total marks obtained by each student.
(b) The highest marks in each subject and the Roll No. of the student who secured it.
(c) The student who obtained the highest total marks.
The screenshot of the output is given below.

3. Write a program that takes two complex numbers as structures and adds them with the
use of functions.
Write pseudocode to solve the given problems.
Write C program to solve the above problems. Name your file Lab10_YourName.c