CS110: Fundamentals of Computer Programming Assignment 3


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In this assignment you have to understand and implement the following concepts
• Functions
• To develop skills for using functions.
• To understand how to program conditional calculations.
Tools/Software Requirement
• Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 or later
Task 1 [5]
Write a software that provides the functionality of an ATM machine. Information (like Pin code,
account number, name and balance) of five users is hard coded into the software. Any of the
users can use the system and withdraw the amount or enter more funds into his/her account.
When one user is finished using the ATM, it should not terminate the program but it displays a
welcome screen for the next user as it happens in the real ATM.
Task 2 [5]
Write a medical prescription system. The software displays a list of symptoms that the system
can handle and then takes in a variable number of symptoms from the user. Based on the
symptoms entered by the patient, the system shortlists the illnesses that he/she might have. After
shortlisting, if the there are more than one illness that is possible, system asks some additional
questions to pinpoint an illness. Software suggests a medicine for the patient based on the data
You need to research some common illnesses for this task.
General Instructions
Any assumptions that you take must be properly stated.
CS110: Fundamentals of Computer Programming Page 3
You must do this work individually but you can ask for help from the Lab Engineer. You cannot
share your code with anyone or copy code. Plagiarism will result in zero marks.
Submit only 1 zip file (please do not submit a .rar as it does not decrypt through script) on the
given LMS link, which contains both the programs. You must include the source code files (the
.c or .cpp files), not an exe or any other kind of file. Anyone who submits a word document or
anything other than source files will be awarded a zero. Your file should be named as
Always submit 1 day before the deadline to avoid any last minute delays.
Marks break down:
1. Working of the program: 60%
2. Code readability: 20%
3. Output structure and aesthetics: 20%