CS-677 Preliminary Assignment 1


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Preliminary Assignment
In this assignment, you will write simple trading strategies
using Python. This will review Python and prepare for next
assignments for next assignments.
1. Preliminary Task 1: choose a stock ticker that starts
with the same letter as your last name (we want to have different stock symbols for each student). For example, if your
last name is Jones, you can try JBL (Jabil Circuit), JPM
(JP Morgan), JNJ (Johnson and Johnson) or any other
ticker starting with J. You can refer to the link below for
2. Preliminary Task 2: use the script
read and save stock data.py
to download daily stock data (5-years from Jan 1, 2014 to
Dec 31, 2019) for your ticker as a CSV file (using Pandas
Yahoo stock market reader). In this script, you would need
to change the location of the directory for the CSV file
and change the ticker to the name that you have chosen in
Task 1. This script downloads historical data and computes
additional fields for time (week, day, month) and prices
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BU MET CS-677: Data Science With Python, v.1.1 CS-677 Preliminary Assignment
(daily returns, 14- and 50-day moving price averages).
3. Preliminary Task 3: use the script
read stock data from file.py
to read your saved CSV file into a list of lines.
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