CS 6554 – Computer Graphics II Assignment 2 Scan-convert & Z-Buffer


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Description: Implement the z-buffer algorithm. Each polygon should be constant colored
differently. Just choose a set of random colors. You need not worry about illumination models or
shading yet.
Input: a) Geometric data for a polygonal objects from specified files
b) Viewing parameters
Output: Colored views of several objects with hidden surfaces removed. Demonstrate that your
program works by having objects interpenetrate.
How to hand-in work: a) Put some images from your program in the Blackboard Forum Lab 2
b) Submit your source code on Blackboard
Format of the source code: It is important that the grader understand your code. Put enough
comments to make it clear what you are doing.
Extensions: You can use an illumination model to color the objects realistically. You can also
add texture, transparency, shadows, etc.