CS 6320: Natural Language Processing Homework 1: N-grams 


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For this homework, you will train and test the performance of a bigram language model.
You can use either C/C++, Java, Python or Perl to write your code. To test your code,
please use the csgrads1 server.
• Download the training and test corpora available on this link:
Datasets are simple plaintext files. Each line represents a new sentence in the corpus.
• Train a bigram language model on the training corpus. The model must be trained for
two scenarios: no smoothing and add-one smoothing.
• Evaluate the model by computing the probabilities of sentences present in the test
Your program should take as input the following three arguments:
.\program <training-set> <test-set> b
where <training-set> represents the path to the training corpus, <test-set> represents
the path to the test corpus and b ∈ {0, 1} is an integer that indicates whether or not to
use add-one smoothing.
For example, the call .\program train.txt test.txt 1 indicates you have to train a bigram language model with add-one smoothing on the file ‘train.txt’ and evaluate it on
‘test.txt’. A sample sentence in the test corpus looks like:
I do not think this young lady is so Celtic as I had supposed.
Your program must output the following:
• A matrix showing the bigram counts for each sentence
• A matrix showing the bigram probabilities for each sentence
• The probability of each sentence
Submit the following bundled into a single zip file via eLearning:
1. Your code files
2. A readme giving clear and precise instructions on how to run the code
3. A plaintext file showing the output of your code for the test set.