CS 2413 Data Structures Programming Project 2 


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Project Description This project is an extension of the previous project (Project One). Make sure that you implement all the new methods as described above. The new actions are M (for Move Before), R (for Remove), and C (for Change). The input for each will be as follows (given as examples): 10 M 8 //This line means that tab 10 is moved before tab 8. 6 R //Remove tab 6 5 C http://www.cnn.com/ //Change the url for tab 5 to http://www.cnn.com/. Constraints 1. In this project, the only header you will use is #include . 2. None of the projects is a group project. Consulting with other members of this class on programming projects is strictly not allowed and plagiarism charges will be imposed on students who do not follow this.