CS 218 – Homework, Asst. #8 assembly language procedures


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Purpose: Learn assembly language procedures. Additionally, become more familiar with program control instructions, function handling, and stacks. Points: 125 Assignment: Write the assembly language procedures described below. You will be provided a main procedure that calls the following procedures/functions (for each set of data). ● Write a void function, shellSort(), to sort the numbers into descending order (large to small). You must use the shell sort algorithm (from assignment 7) and modify the sort order. ● Write a value returning function, lstSum(), to find the sum for a list of numbers. ● Write a value returning function, lstAverage(), to find the average for a list of numbers. Note, this function must call the lstSum() function. ● Write a void function, basicStats(), to find the minimum, median, maximum, sum, and average for a list of numbers. Note, for an odd number of items, the median value is defined as the middle value. For an even number of values, it is the integer average of the two middle values. This function must call the lstSum() and lstAverage() functions. ● Write a void function, linearRegression(), to compute the linear regression values (b0 and b1) for the two data sets. The linear regression formulas are as follows: b1 = ∑ i=0 len−1 [ ( xi−¯x ) ( yi−¯y ) ] ∑ i=0 len−1 ( xi−¯x ) 2 b0 = ¯y − b1 ¯x Note, perform the summation and division using integer values. Due to the data sizes, the summation for the b1 dividend (top) must be performed as a quad-word. All data should be treated as signed integers (IMUL, and IDIV). The functions must be in a separate assembly file. The files will be assembled individually and linked together. Assemble and Linking Instructions You will be provided a main function (ast8main.asm) that calls the functions. Your functions should be in a separate file (ast8procs.asm). The files will be assembled individually and linked together. When assembling, and linking the files for assignment #8, use the provided makefile to assemble, and link. Note, only the functions file, ast8procs.asm, will be submitted. The submitted functions file will be assembled and linked with the provided main. As such, do not alter the provided main. Provided Data Sets: Refer to the provided main for the data sets. Do not change the data types of the provided data. You may define additional variables as required. The results for data set #1 are shown for reference: xList1: 0x402000: 5370 4780 4660 3510 0x402010: 3440 2890 2220 2110 0x402020: 1630 1250 -1310 -3120 0x402030: -7410 yList1: 0x402034: 951120 921200 831100 741160 0x402044: 731150 631170 613213 542118 0x402054: 531110 431190 412130 -12110 0x402064: -92140 len_1: 0x402068: 13 xMin_1: 0x40206c: -7410 xMed_1: 0x402070: 2220 xMax_1: 0x402074: 5370 xSum_1: 0x402078: 20020 xAve_1: 0x40207c: 1540 yMin_1: 0x402080: -92140 yMed_1: 0x402084: 613213 yMax_1: 0x402088: 951120 ySum_1: 0x40208c: 7232411 yAve_1: 0x402090: 556339 b0_1: 0x402094: 425439 b1_1: 0x402098: 85 Submission: • All source files must assemble and execute on Ubuntu with yasm. • Submit source files ◦ Submit a copy of the program source file via the on-line submission. ◦ Only the functions file (ast8procs.asm) will be submitted. • Once you submit, the system will score the project and provide feedback. ◦ If you do not get full score, you can (and should) correct and resubmit. ◦ You can re-submit an unlimited number of times before the due date/time (at a maximum rate of 5 submissions per hour). • Late submissions will be accepted for a period of 24 hours after the due date/time for any given lab. Late submissions will be subject to a ~2% reduction in points per an hour late. If you submit 1 minute – 1 hour late -2%, 1-2 hours late -4%, … , 23-24 hours late -50%. This means after 24 hours late submissions will receive an automatic 0. Program Header Block All source files must include your name, section number, assignment, NSHE number, and program description. The required format is as follows: ; Name: ; NSHE ID: ; Section:

; Assignment: ; Description: Failure to include your name in this format will result in a loss of up to 3%. Scoring Rubric Scoring will include functionality, code quality, and documentation. Below is a summary of the scoring rubric for this assignment. Criteria Weight Summary Assemble – Failure to assemble will result in a score of 0. Program Header 3% Must include header block in the required format (see above). General Comments 7% Must include an appropriate level of program documentation. Program Functionality (and on-time) 90% Program must meet the functional requirements as outlined in the assignment. Must be submitted on time for full score.