CS 18000 Programming Project 5: ComplexCounter


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Mobile applications make up one of the greatest consumer markets in our digitalized world.
Most Android apps in particular are developed using Java along with an extensive framework to
help developers get their ideas out on the market. As you will probably notice, not a lot of these
ideas are original (cough SurvivalCraft cough), but you have to get your start somewhere.
In this project, you will be creating a basic app that you too can flood the market with. Seeing
that often there are many “things” that are countable and you only two or fewer hands to count
on, you decide to make an app to help people count things. Your app will allow people to create
lists of things to count. A mock-up of the app screens and behaviors is provided in the zip file
containing this document.
Your app will consist of three activities, named as such:
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CS 18000
Problem Solving And Object-Oriented
● MainActivity: The main activity for your program will be a list of the counters the user
has created. These counters should persist throughout the duration of the program’s
execution unless they are deleted. The counter listing will also provide a button for
incrementing the value of each of your counters at once through use of the “Auto”
● AddNew: The user should be capable of creating new named counters for whatever
they need counted. Counters created here will be added to the list of counters in the
Counter activity.
● Counter: The user should be capable of changing the value of their counters. Selecting
a counter will present the user with this activity, giving them the option to change the
value of the counter by either incrementing it by one or assigning a manually inputted
When developing your app, please keep these factors in mind:
● Your app will be graded on a Moto G provided by the Computer Science
department. They will be run on the 6.0 version of Android (Marshmallow).
● We will be grading your apps in lab. If you will not be able to attend your lab session
during the week of April 23rd, please contact your GTA about arranging a grading
● Hint: For transferring information between activities, consider how you can represent
your data as a data type that can be passed using putExtra. There is no one specific
way to do so.
● Hint: Do a little research on ListViews to figure out how you can populate the list in
MainActivity. There are some tutorials out there on the topic.
For this assignment, you will be required to submit:
● Java Files: You should submit the Java file corresponding to each of the activities you
create and other .java files you create that are required by your activities (if any).
● XML Files: You should submit the files in res/layout. Ensure that the files for each
activity are included.
● APK: To help speed up the grading process, you will need to submit a debug APK which
will let us run your program quickly. To get the APK, in Android Studio go to Build ->
Build APK(s). Your file, app-debug.apk, should be in the “app\build\outputs\apk\debug
directory” of your project. Submit this to Vocareum.
Purdue University
CS 18000
Problem Solving And Object-Oriented
You will also be required to bring your Moto G to your lab session should it be needed for
grading. Because we must prepare for grading in lab, you will be unable to use a slip day for
this assignment.
Grading Rubric
The following are the required features for the activities of your project. They will not
necessarily be tested in the order as presented, so ensure you test with variety.
Description Value
MainActivity: “ADD NEW” and “AUTO” buttons present 5
MainActivity: “ADD NEW” button changes current activity to AddNew activity 10
MainActivity: “AUTO” button increments all counters by 1 10
MainActivity: ListView present, initially displays a single counter 10
MainActivity: Selecting a counter name in the ListView changes current activity to
Counter activity.
AddNew: Text field present, can be edited by user 5
AddNew: “SET” button present, changes current activity to MainActivity 5
AddNew: After pressing “SET” button, new counter with specified name is added to
AddNew: After pressing “SET” button, previous counters are still present in
Counter: Text field present, can be edited by user 5
Counter: “COUNT” button present, increments text field value by 1 5
Counter: “DONE” button present, changes current activity to MainActivity. 5
Counter: After pressing the “DONE” button, the counter selected from MainActivity
has a new value based on the final value in the Counter’s text field. MainActivity is
unchanged otherwise.