CPSC 408 Database Management Final Project


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For the final project you will push your programming and database abilities to the limit by
implementing a database application of your liking. The end-product will be a highly
polished and well thought out application that will include both a database and front-end
UI component. In a nutshell, your application will allow an end-user to insert, delete,
update, query data (CRUD) and generate reports.
While I am providing you with a general outline for the project, many of the
implementation details will be up to you. It will be your responsibility to
research the techniques and best practices for developing an
application/database of this scope.
Project Details
The UI can be developed in the framework of your choosing (i.e., web, .net, java, python
etc.), however the backend database must be MySQL. You MUST have a front end UI
for your application. CLI is not going to be accepted.
The final project must incorporate at a minimum the following:
1. Print/display records from your database/tables.
2. Query for data/results with various parameters/filters
3. Create a new record
4. Delete records (soft delete function would be ideal)
5. Update records
6. Make use of transactions (commit & rollback)
7. Generate reports that can be exported (excel or csv format)
8. One query must perform an aggregation/group-by clause
9. One query must contain a subquery.
10. Two queries must involve joins across at least 3 tables
11. Enforce referential integrality (PK/FK Constraints)
12. Include Database Views, Indexes
13. Use at least 5 entities
Idea + Group Members (20 points): You must submit your idea and your
group (up to four members) for approval before you can continue. Details and
deadlines will be provided in class.
ER Diagram + Schema (20 points): Once your group and idea have been
approved, you must fully draft your ER Diagram and Schema and submit for
approval. Your ER Diagram must use best practice and include all
relationships and cardinality, and your Schema must implement all
relationships using referential integrity, primary and foreign keys, and must
be normalized to the 3rd normal form. Your schema must also list all
functional dependencies for each table. I recommend using LucidCharts for
Presentation + Demo (60 points): The presentation (power point) will be
between 10-15 minutes and occur during the last two weeks of class. Sign up
information will be provided before the presentation.
The presentation will contain the following:
1. Problem/Issue you are trying to resolve
2. Your solution to the problem
3. Schema diagram
4. Demo
Do not treat the slides and demo as an afterthought. Please give yourself ample time to
do the write up and make sure you proofread and edit carefully!
Source Code (100 points):
All source code should be commented and designed following best practices. All files
(source, code, write up, slides) must be submitted by the last day of the semester
(the friday of finals week)
– Submit your data files as well as SQL files so I can replicate your database
– Submit all source code and instructions to run the project
o Submit the instructions in a README along with all dependencies I might need to
– If your code is not commented well and does not include a well-written README, I will be
docking points.