COSC 326 Étude 5 Quilting bee


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The YGQA(A-M)1 are considering a new design to welcome the Century of the Anchovy (a few years late).
“We should start with a big central square”
“And then other, smaller squares of a different colour, centred at its corners”
“And more, at their corners, and more at theirs, and . . . ”
Like Nanny Ogg and her spelling of banananana, the YGQA(A-M) are clear about how
to start, but not quite about where to stop.
Of the Twilight the Darkness drew up an example with three layers, red, green and
blue, with the green squares 80% as big as the red one (in linear dimensions), and the
blue ones 10% as big as the red one.
Predictably, it did not meet with universal approval. So the YGQA(A-M) have approached you to produce a way of examining other possibilities easily.
Write a program that produces a representation of a quilt design on the screen or as a
graphics file in a common format. The input to the program will be a sequence of lines
of the form:
scale r g b
where scale is a scale parameter for the current layer, and r g b are values from 0-
255 representing red, green and blue levels in the RGB scale. For instance, the example
1What, you don’t recognise this acronym? It’s the Young Goblins’ Quilting Association (AnkhMorpork) of course.
COSC 326 2017 Semester 2 Étude 5
above could be produced from input:
1.0 255 0 0
0.8 0 255 0
0.1 0 0 255
Note that some radical members of the YGQA(A-M) do not necessarily agree that later
squares need to be smaller than earlier ones, nor that the first square necessarily has a
scale parameter of 1.0. Part of your problem is to ensure that whatever scale parameters
are given, your representation fits, and nearly fills, a reasonably sized window (or on a
single page if using a graphics file).
(I 1)
If it was not entirely obvious, this étude is intended as an homage to Terry Pratchett
who passed away on March 12, 2015, and more particularly to his masterly creation,
the DiscWorld.