COMP2121 E-Business Individual Assignment 2




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Backgrounds and Objectives

Assumed that your team is planning to open a start-up, which the business nature is merely on
the basis of your personal assumptions. Your start-up team has the excellent abilities to produce
some profitable products which you believe that your team must earn a lot from the e-market.

However, your start-up team does not have sufficient funds to start the potentially profitable

Your team is planning to launch a campaign to raise funds from a crowdfunding platform.
However, none of your team members has actual experience to launch a crowdfunding
campaign. You are assigned to learn and research how to launch and run a crowdfunding
campaign successfully, and share your plan with your start-up team.

General Guidelines

This is an individual assignment. In your report, you should
 define the extra assumptions for your start-up business;
 explore and select the crowdfunding platform to fit for your business purposes;
 explore various cases to define key success factors for the crowdfunding projects related
to your business;

 explore various cases to define key failure factors for the crowdfunding projects related to
your business;
 establish the strategy and roadmap for your fund raising in the crowdfunding platform;
General Marking Criteria
 Main content (90%)
 Format, briefness, clearness and conciseness of your report. (10%)

General Format
Your report should
 include everything needed such as text, figures, tables, and references in your report for
marking purpose.
 be no more than 6 pages, excluding cover page. If your report has more than 6 pages, only
the first 6 pages will be marked, and the rest pages will not be read and marked. You may
put extra supporting information in the Appendix section (up to 4 pages for appendix), if it
is needed. The Appendix section is only for reference, and will not be marked.
 be used with the font size 12 in the A4 page size.
 include all references related to your report. Otherwise, it may be treated as the plagiarism.

Submission Requirements

 Submit your soft copy of the word document to the Assignment page in the Blackboard.
 Your file name should be named as studentID_A2.docx, for example, 19123456d_A2.docx.

Late Submission Penalty
For any late submissions, your marks will be deducted as below.
 Within 1 day (25% Less)
 Within 2 days (50% Less)
 More than 2 days (100% Less)

Consequences of plagiarism
If the submissions have at least 50% similarity, they may be treated as the plagiarism cases.
The Departmental Learning and Teaching Committee may investigate these cases. All the
students involved in these cases may receive 0% for this assignment. In addition, please refer
to the student handbook for the policies of plagiarism.