COMP1406 – Assignment 5


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In this assignment you will create the “look” for two GUI applications. You WILL NOT
be getting the applications to do anything. We are only interested in seeing how well you
can arrange the GUI components onto the window. So, you DO NOT need to do any
event handling.

(1) The InfoApp GUI

Create the following GUI. You MUST create a class called InfoApp to represent the main JFrame window.
Also, the window contains a JPanel that represents all the personal information as well as 3 JButtons as
shown. Make sure to set the Border label (see the example in the notes).

This window shown here has a size
of 560 x 330 pixels. You should NOT use any layout managers … but MUST lay the components out manually
by calculating the location and size of each component.

The JLabels and JTextfields below all have a height of 30 pixels. Note that the Home Phone, Cell Phone
and Email Address text fields are all right-aligned (check the java documentation or google to see how to do

The Postal Code field is center-aligned. The Province option must be a JComboBox with the
following exact array data inside of it:

The Age option must be a JSpinner with an initial value of 18 (see java docs to find out how to set the
JSpinner value). Finally, the Gender option must consist of two JRadioButtons which are placed into a
ButtonGroup so that only one may be on at a time.

Note that you DO NOT have to get this interface to work. We are only interested in how you lay out the
components and how they are formatted.

(2) The ShinyButtons GUI

Create the following GUI. You MUST create a class called ShinyButtonsApp to represent the main window.
You WILL NOT have to implement this game, nor get any buttons working. You are ONLY being marked for
the appearance and layout of the components on the window.

The window must contain a JPanel that contains an 8 x 8 array of JButtons, each with a size of 69 x 69 pixels
and displaying an ImageIcon instead of text. At the bottom of the window is a JLabel, a right-aligned
JTextField and two more JButtons as shown.

The window must be non-resizable with a size of 578 x 634
pixels. Upon startup, the window should show a random arrangement of colored buttons as shown. You
should make use of the following “model” class to represent the values for each button that will be displayed in
the GUI.

The class maintains a 2D array of bytes that represent color indices.

Note that you DO NOT have to get this interface to work. We are only interested in how you lay out the
components and how they are formatted.

public class ShinyButtons {
public static byte RED = 0;
public static byte ORANGE = 1;
public static byte YELLOW = 2;
public static byte GREEN = 3;
public static byte BLUE = 4;

public static byte LIGHT_GRAY = 5;
public static byte DARK_GRAY = 6;
public static byte ROWS = 8;
private byte[][] buttonTable;
public ShinyButtons() {
buttonTable = new byte[ROWS][ROWS];
private void resetButtons() {

for (int r=0; r<ROWS; r++)
for (int c=0; c<ROWS; c++)
buttonTable[r][c] = (byte)(Math.random()*7);
public byte getButton(int r, int c) { return buttonTable[r][c]; }

In your GUI, you may make use of the following array:
public static ImageIcon[] icons = {new ImageIcon(“RedButton.png”),
new ImageIcon(“OrangeButton.png”),
new ImageIcon(“YellowButton.png”),
new ImageIcon(“GreenButton.png”),
new ImageIcon(“BlueButton.png”),
new ImageIcon(“LightGrayButton.png”),
new ImageIcon(“DarkGrayButton.png”)};

You will want to download the 7 png image files (shown in the above array) from the website when you
download this assignment. BEFORE HANDING IN YOUR CODE … make sure that it ALL displays properly
on a windows machine (i.e., try it in the tutorial room before handing it in). MAC and Linux computers may not
have the same defaults as a Windows pc, and so the default position, sizes and margins of components may

You may need to offset the ImageIcons or set different margins for your JButtons (check the API).
Make sure to hand in the code that works on the windows machine, otherwise you will likely lose marks.
NOTE: Submit all .java and .class files (and all .png images) needed to run. You MUST NOT use packages in your
code, nor projects.

Submit ALL of your files in one folder such that they can be opened and compiled individually in
JCreator. Some IDEs may create packages and/or projects automatically. You MUST export the .java files and remove
the package code at the top if it is there. Do NOT submit JCreator projects either. JUST SUBMIT the JAVA and

Note that if your internet connection at home is down or does not work, we will not accept this as a
reason for handing in an assignment late … so make sure to submit the assignment WELL BEFORE it is due !
Please NOTE that you WILL lose marks on this assignment if any of your files are missing.

You will
also lose marks if your code is not written neatly with proper indentation. See examples in the notes
for proper style.